Two Children Killed by Measles Vaccine in Kenya, Media Silent

Two Kenyan children died in reaction to measles shots in Kenya, but the world media has largely remained quiet about the tragedy.

Daily Nation reports that the two children died in Kerio Valley in Elgeyo-Marakwet County the past Monday after a cleaner administered them the vaccine. The mother of one of the children was quoted saying that her baby became seriously sick within five minutes of receiving the measles shot.

The news of the children’s deaths made the villagers very angry and seeing an emotional reaction from the community, vaccination was suspended. Using the old rhetoric, the authorities did try to put blame on the cleaner saying the “preliminary investigation” showed that there was nothing wrong with the vaccine and further investigation would reveal more.

women grieve over loss of children
Grieving mothers, speaking to NTV Kenya.

An NTV video showed a worker saying “probably there was something wrong with the vaccine.” The summary of the video says the babies were nine months old and their parents were neighbors. It is important to note that the video report says that some other children are also fighting for their lives.

Bernadette Nzue, at the local Mission Hospital, told NTV Kenya, “The babies reacted immediately after the immunization. it was a routine vaccine, and by the time they arrived here (at the hospital), they were pronounced dead.”

A man claimed the same vaccine had been used elsewhere and there was no problem.

On top of the sorrow these deaths caused, the most condemnable fact about the tragedy is that the so-called professional media that keeps their eyes on every medical news story ignored it entirely.

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