The Summit Will be as ‘Bipartisan’ as the Media Is

With only a few days left until the supposedly Bipartisan Summit on Healthcare, proposed by a frustrated President Obama, House Minority Leader John Boehner released another statement in two days stating bluntly the event can not be bipartisan because the healthcare reform proposal, termed ObamaCare, has not even hinted a bend to the possibility of involving the Republican’s ideas and suggestions.

Stating that the summit should be approached with a “clean sheet of paper,” Boehner says the Democrats will have one agenda item: Handing their fellow legislators a bill and a pen.

I have to agree with this incredibly because, as history has shown, bipartisan means nothing more than wanting defeat from the other side. The Democrats believe if we enter the Summit the way we should, with our ideas at the ready to be presented and debated, we will look like the heavy when it comes to the need of healthcare reform when in reality we are the biggest supporters of it.

For decades, Republicans have debated healthcare and the need for an open forum for the good of the people. However, when any attempt is made, it is shot down with a pre-created proposal and no chance of discussion on it unless it’s of approval. A “Backroom deal” as Boehner exclaimed, is what they are looking for.

So what should the Republicans do at this Summit. Come into it strong and ready to refuse, no matter what the public threat may be. This is a time all ideas need to be considered, not just one created by a one sided party, majority or no majority.

You see, the Democrats don’t realize that their plan is not only being rejected by the Republicans, but also the Public itself; More importantly, the youth. The same youth that showed their strength for them one time and the same youth who will be at the polls in 2010 ready to change the stage and, if I can guess, many of the Democrats may not be playing the parts they seem to love so much. To sum it up: Wake up boys and girls, your barking up the tree the wrong way.

A New York Native, Heather is our resident Nancy Grace regarding national court and crime issues. She has a Masters Degree in Law as well as a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Her crime blog can be found at