The Epidemic Of Pet Obesity And What To Do About It!

Over 45 million cats and dogs in the United States are considered overweight.

There’s no difference in how a human gains weight or how your pets gain weight. Too much caloric intake and not enough physical activity equal weight gain.

Healthy Pet Nation provides charts that show how many calories are burned as a result of common activities such as walking, jogging or strenuous playing with your pet.

Pet Exercise Tips

Take your dog to the tennis court with you to retrieve your tennis balls or if they don’t know how to retrieve, let them just chase your serves.

Let your dog be your running partner! Bring them for all or part of your daily run

Take your dog to the park throw a hard rubber pet exercise ball for your pet to chase after makes a great fun workout.

Cats are a lot more difficult because they are mostly indoor pets. Appeal to their hunting instinct by hiding treats and toys around the house. Give them multi level climbing ramps and hang play balls full of catnip at the top.

Pet feeding Tips and suggestions

Avoid feeding table scraps and snacks while you’re eating. Your pet will start developing bad eating habits and will tend to overeat. In addition, it will prevent your pet from eating their nutritionally well-balanced foods. Many dogs and cats love eggs, fruits and vegetables, so mixing these types of foods with your pet’s meals at times as a treat is fine. Remember, everything in moderation!

Don’t let your animal “help” with food prep. Keep ’em in a different area of the house while preparing and eating meals, especially if you over indulge them with table scraps.

Healthy Pet goal is to eradicate this devastating problem by being pro-active and by using preventative measures. The key to success is by properly educating both children and adults how to take proper care of their pets.

Operation Fitness created the “Healthy Pet Nation Program” and established an elite team of health experts that conduct seminars at pet stores throughout the country. It is just as important to focus on preventing obesity, as it is to alleviating this rapidly growing disease affecting our nation.

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Michael Torchia
Michael Torchia is an animal health and wellness expert, who writes about animal and human health and wellness.