Psychiatric – Pharmaceutical Industry Targeting and Harming Hollywood

Having interviewed and seen over ten thousand young actors and models in Chicago and Los Angeles as a model and talent manager over the past decade, it has shocked me to find out that far too many of them are on psychiatric drugs that alter their personality, zap their energy, and destroy their mind.

Often, I would ask these young women, what drugs are you taking? They would ask surprised, “I’m only on (such and such anti-depressant or similar), how did you know?”

“Because,” I would say, “Your eyes are spinning around in circles like in one of those cartoons!” And they would be. They would often laugh, and ask, “Really?” “Yes, really,” I would reply. “That’s not good!” they would say, “No, it’s not!” I told them.

Too Many Girls Think They Have Depression

Many of these girls would tell me that they had depression, and so they were given anti-depressants by their doctor. “And how do you feel?” I would ask them. They would tell me that it actually made them feel more depressed, or sleepy, or lazy, or not real, or not like themselves. “Because you are not yourself,” I would say. “You are not yourself on psychiatric drugs, and that is not how you were born or meant to be. It’s not natural and it’s not healthy and it’s not good.” “You’re right,” most of them would agree. But they would then tell me that they did not know how to get off, that when they tried to quit, they would get the shakes, or have other withdrawal problems, get sick to their stomach, couldn’t sleep, and various other problems.

Traffic Makes Me Nervous


Many girls would tell me they were on anti-anxiety medication because they would get nervous about things, such as traffic, school, tests, homework, boyfriends, dates, money, and more. I explained to them that teenagers, young people, and even adults get nervous, it’s normal, and it’s O.K. to get stressed once in a while, but that taking these drugs was not O.K. and was not a solution.

A light went off in some of their minds when I said this, as if they had just woken up out of deep trance state, as if the wizard had just pulled back the curtain and told them the truth, that – Hey! You don’t need to buy a pill for courage or to change a feeling, you have the power right here inside of you! I helped as many girls as I could back then steer clear of these drugs, or get off of them – but not enough.

One girl told me that she needed to be on anti-psychotic medication because her doctor and everyone told her she was crazy and needed it. I told her that to say everyone was a lie, and showed her a few people including myself that did not say she needed it, so that line was false.

She agreed it was not everyone, and we finally narrowed it down to being just two people that said this. Her doctor, and her mother who she didn’t get along with and who did not like her pursuing the arts. I tried to tell her that maybe those two were the ones that were really crazy, and maybe she was the normal one.

She laughed and then cried and said that this actually was the case. Unfortunately, she never stopped taking the drugs as long as I knew her, because she was living at home and depended on her family for money and said she had to do what her mom told her to – or she said, they would kick her out and she would be homeless or they would try to lock her up in a psychiatric ward.

Psychiatric Industry Preys On People

The psychiatric industry is preying on young people, and it is turning bright, young, creative, personable individuals into dull, worn out, tired, listless, lifeless, zombie like shells of a human being where a spirit once lived with hope. In reality, most problems that the psych field deems illnesses, are nothing more than natural and normal behavior. If problems with behavior or thinking are not right, then often changes in better diet and nutrition can fix what the psych field claims it can cure with drugs that pollute and often destroy human life.

Know Thyself

Further, too many people today are afraid to even confront their own minds – their own self. Instead of looking within, examining why they feel how they do, asking why they believe what they believe, and doing rational reflection and philosophical self analysis, they are trying to escape looking in the mirror because they are afraid to confront the only thing that can set them free – themselves. “Know thyself,” it has been stated in philosophy.

And yet, more and more people are afraid to know themselves. In fact, they are encouraged to not know themselves. To be sure, taking drugs that alter one’s mind and personality is not only not knowing oneself, it is destroying the self of who one really and truly is.


In addition to the mind altering and life destroying psychiatric agenda by the big drug companies with their psych drugs, the pharmaceutical industry goes after young women with an equally disgusting form of attack – weight loss pills. So called diet pills are big business for the number one causers of death in America – the pharmaceutical industry, and it is a vile business.

Major pharmaceutical companies, who make billions of dollars each year peddling their pills, target talented, beautiful young women, teenage and even pre-teen girls with their drugs of weight loss – which oftentimes are nothing much different than speed. Many of these chemical drugs to curb appetite, have and do caused horrible side effects in the women that take them, ranging from suicide, feeling crazy, hallucinating, stomach churning, personality changes, paranoia, and a host of other tragic effects.

Big Pharma Loves Weight Loss Pills

Big pharma peddles these deadly weight loss pills to the movie and fashion industry, with deceptive ads of before and after pictures of women once fat, now supposedly thin. Generally, when you examine these ads, you will find while reading the fine print that the woman pictured is a model, and not an actual user, and that results may vary from person to person, and that no guarantees are made.

Further, you may find in the fine print a list of side effects undoubtedly more dreadful than having a few extra pounds. Tabloid gossip magazines and fashion magazines are the most guilty for running these deceptive, dangerous ads touting products that harm and kill young women. I have seen young women on this poison, and the results are devastating.

How To Really Lose Weight

In order to lose weight, all you need to do is to burn more calories than you consume, eat a healthy, well balanced diet, and work out with having good physical fitness on a regular basis. People need to stop being lazy, and stop trying to find the shortcut to good mental health and a good figure, when the only real, effective, long term and healthy method is right within them, and it is free. The short cut to mental health or weight loss with pills is a short cut that is actually a dead end, and leads often sadly, to an untimely death.


The following video details a true story about the devastating effects that the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry are having on children’s lives. The fact that big pharma has had to pay billions of dollars in fines over the past several years alone due to their crimes is no small indicator that they have something to hide, and are doing something wrong. Of course, we know they are doing something very wrong- it’s called- murder. And so in this new year, of 2013, it is time that we stand together, and further and greater fight the lies and abuses that these industries perpetrate.

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