Obamacare: Pre-Existing Condition for Cigarette Smokers

Just What are The Authors of Obamacare Up To?

There are many people walking the halls of our scared government who think Obamacare has been designed to fail.

Why would so many people think that?

A definition of health insurance means a pre-existing health condition is one that existed a set period of time before the applicant applied for the policy.

The operative word is “existed.”

The Ultimate Definition

Whether the problem is treated or not, “existed” is the ultimate definition. Many times the condition may not be the fault of the individual applying for coverage. It requires viable options for the patient to consider.

But often times, the health problems derive from a lifetime of bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc.) Unfortunately many continue the bad habits even after diagnosis.

Under Obamacare, these people will be charged the same premiums as those of us who are health conscious and rarely need medical treatment. That’s right. You have to feel sorry for those people who didn’t bring on the illness with their own bad habits.

But to those many millions who stubbornly rejected doctor’s advice and continued a situation that was perilous to their health is different.

Why are we required to pay for those irresponsible people?

According to Kevin Williamson and the National Review it was just discovered under Obamacare’s DC czars, smoking will be considered a pre-existing condition, and therefore will not be charged any higher premiums than those who take great strides to live a healthy lifestyle. Liberal California and Connecticut agree, and expect others to follow suit.


All Americans are now quite aware that smoking is a leading cause of sickness and death in this country. So wouldn’t it be safe to say that smokers are not covered as a pre-existing condition on any standards?

Are they not knowingly and willingly making themselves sick? But in Obamacare language, non-smoking Americans will be charged for the extra medical care these people bring on themselves with their blatantly unhealthy habits.

Cigarette smoking is no more a pre-existing condition than shooting heroin or meth.

Creators of Obamacare

But here’s the catch. What if the creators of Obamacare are looking for some way to destroy the current health system and then sigh, “See, we tried to make it work with the insurance companies, but they failed.”

“We,” the government have to take over from these non-caring private insurance companies.

The idea is not that wild.

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