Not Losing Weight? Eight Surprising Reasons

A person that has been on a low-calorie diet and working out regularly but still; they do not seem to be losing a lot of weight which is frustrating them and demotivating their weight loss efforts. Here are a few reasons why this may be happening below;

  1. Always Thinking of Food?

Thinking too much about a diet can make the person feel hungry and less filled the entire day. Plan meals a week ahead but do not always think about the low-calorie food that is going to be eaten. Crabbing about the diet can feel unsatisfying and the body signals hunger which will ultimately lead to unwanted binging.

  1. Using Exercise as an Excuse to Eat Junk?

Exercise is good for the health until a person uses this assumption as a free pass card to eat anything they want. Many people who workout, start munching on unnecessary food while giving excuses that they will burn the calories off. They never know how many calories they are adding up every day while justifying their munching habits.

  1. Sleep-Deprived?

Not sleeping enough will create a carb-craving mode hence sleeping enough is important for the body to function well. Wake up before the alarm rings and feel fresh, then get up as the body is fully rested. Don’t hit snooze, because that leads to needing 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day as it is the body’s way of saying it needs more rest.

  1. A Workaholic?

Sitting and working for hours can stop the fat-burning process of the body. People who work for hours are prone to lose less weight due to their sedentary lifestyle. Instead, stand and stretch every few hours to kick start the fat-burning process. A new trend has come up where people use a standing desk to work under the assumption that it will make then active. Though incorporating a little bit of standing along with sitting for work is good, too much standing is also actually not good for health. It can cause issues such as varicose veins which will need the attention of a vein specialist to treat.

  1. Stressed?

Stress is a major reason why most people fail to lose weight. The stress hormone (cortisol) can increase fat storage in the body hence dealing with stress is absolutely important if they wish to lose weight.

  1. Using Cards to Grocery Shop?

Going cashless and paying with plastic is what the modern world of payment is all about but if a person is trying to make healthy eating choices, then we suggest they carry cash to go grocery shopping the next time. Carrying a card does not cap spending, and many people go overboard while grocery shopping. Psychologically, carrying cash, means a higher chance they will not shop for unhealthy food items and stick to the necessities.

  1. Eating Processed Food?

Eating whole food and skipping processed food is one key to good health. Quit white bread and shift to whole wheat or multigrain bread. Avoid chips and unhealthy food items which may contain high calories. Processed food can hinder weight loss efforts by reducing the ability to lose fat.

  1. Skipping Strength Training?

Cardio is good to lose weight but only doing cardio and not incorporating weight training in a workout schedule can be a reason why exercise efforts are not yielding results.

Cardio helps burn calories while doing workout, but weight training will burn calories for hours after the workout hence a person tends to lose more weight. Also, building muscles can improve overall metabolism hence do not skip on weight training today.

Losing weight can get tricky at times if not careful about such minute details. Do not overthink it, instead make it a regular routine. Once the body learns to accept the new changes, the cravings will stop, and start losing more weight.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.