New Ebola Cases in Liberia 50 Days After Being Declared Free

The African country of Liberia had gone 42 days without a new Ebola case as of May 9, was declared free of the disease, and then went into a new 90 day “vigilance” watch period. cases have occurred. Unfortunately halfway through that time a new case was discovered.

Liberia is, of course, adjacent to Guinea and Sierra Leone, both of which are still in an Ebola crisis state.

After a now routine “safe” burial, on June 29 a 17-year old’s blood sample was found to have the Ebola virus and the hunt began for his recent contacts.

All deaths where the patient was febrile (running a fever) or had other Ebola symptoms are routinely tested.

Map showing the Ebola situation as of July 3, 2015

He was found to have nearly 200 contacts during what would have been his infectious period and two of those were tested and found to have Ebola – both are undergoing treatment for the disease.

“The Government has informed the people of Liberia about what is happening, and has reminded them of the key steps needed to take to keep themselves and their communities safe,” according to a report from the WHO.