Legendary Ifa Temple Opens Doors to Public for Special Retreat

Ifa Foundation Offers Rare Spiritual Retreat



On April 23rd and 24th, in Central Florida, the public are invited to go inside the Sacred Orisa Garden Sanctuary for a very special, rare retreat.

A place where the young and old, regular guests and new can come to have a personal transformational experience, the legendary Sacred Orisa Garden Sanctuary will be offering a very rare and special workshop to all this month. The special areas of focus offered as one connects with the energy of the Mothers at the workshop include:

  • identifying and healing your lineage issues
  • restructuring & building nourishment
  • creating more self-generating power
  • developing more survival skills for chaos
  • strengthening protection skills

www.ifafoundation.orgGuests are invited to take the sacred journey inside the vortexes built from 30 years of ceremony. Here they may enhance their spiritual vision, learn how to build personal protection skills, and to rise and not collapse under the worlds’ chaos. One can learn and grow, and build their potentiality, creativity and connect deeper to themselves, others, and the world about them.

Located in Crescent City, Florida Daytona Beach airport is conveniently nearby. Guests may arrive by Friday evening and prepare to depart Sunday late afternoon. All are invited to experienced nurturing Orisha and Ifa Priest teachers who have created an incredible program for all with “The Mothers” on April 23rd & 24th. Contact: [email protected] or call IyaVassa 1-800-906-4322 Florida

Visit the official website at www.ifafoundation.org

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