Kourtney Kardashian Gets PRP Facial

Kourtney Kardashian is the next from the Kardashian family to get a PRP facial. On Friday this week, Kourtney posted a video on Snapchat revealing her latest beauty treatment.

The 38-year old star posted the video from Dr. Jason B. Diamond’s Beverly Hills medical facility. The video showed her receiving the microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The facial is also called the “Vampire Facial” or the “Vampire Facelift.”

The procedure involves piercing the face with very tiny needles containing the blood platelet-rich plasma of the patient. It is a painful treatment.

In the video, Kourtney said that she is with Dr. Diamond and getting Dr. Diamond’s PRP and microneedling done with her own blood. In the video, as Kourtney talks about her beauty treatment, the assistants clean her face.

It is to be noted that back in 2013, Kourtney’s sister, the reality star, Kim Kardashian got the facial done on an episode of their reality show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

She said that she loves trying things that make her look, as well as feel youthful.

However, recently, Kim revealed that she regrets getting the Vampire Facial done. In her latest blog post, she revealed that “this is the one treatment that she will never do again.”

In the blog post, Kim mentioned that before getting the facial, she found out that she was pregnant. Due to this, she could not use a painkiller or the numbing cream. Both should be used during the procedure. This made the procedure quite painful for her. She added that she could not tell anyone about her pregnancy. Her show was filming the facial and so, she underwent the treatment. She mentions it was the “most painful thing ever!”

A PRP facial takes around one hour and the results are visible after six weeks of getting the treatment. The results last for a year. The procedure can be done on other body parts too.

The doctor who did the “Vampire Facial” posted a blog in May. The blog read that the “PRP Facial” or the “Vampire Facial,” as it is commonly called, incorporates drawing some blood from the patient’s arm to get PRP. After making the PRP, Dr. Diamond injects the blood into the face of the patient. This rejuvenates the skin and also brightens the complexion. The face looks bright and fresh. Because of the presence of the platelets in the PRP, the overall appearance of the skin keeps on improving for about three months post the facial.

The facial has numerous benefits. It helps improve unsightly wrinkles on the face. It also fills hollows present on the face. It enhances the skin tone and softens the texture of the skin. The facial treats the face’s sensitive areas where the thickness of the skin is not much.

The results of the “Vampire Facial” last for up to 2 years. A series of the same treatment offers great benefit.

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Kourtney Kardashian

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