How to Choose Contact Lenses For Best Effect

Contact lenses have become common among fashion enthusiasts and youngsters. Here are some ideas on how to choose contact lenses. Before choosing contact lenses, it is best to get advice from an eye doctor because the right choice depends on many factors, such as how much the lens can be tolerated, a person’s requirements, and their expectation of the lens purpose, as well as how they should properly take care of the lenses.

How often?

how to choose contact lenses to keep eyes beautiful. Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Choose contact lenses to keep eyes beautiful. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There are different types of contact lenses, from daily disposables to yearly wear lenses. The deciding factor for choosing contact lenses is the purpose and the occasion for wearing them. Soft lenses are often a good option once they become comfortable on the eyes for longer wear.

How sharp?

If choosing lenses for vision correction, it’s important to get a doctor’s suggestion before choosing the type of lens. Soft lenses are often used, but for sharper vision, the rigid gas permeable contact lenses are a good choice (though they can initially cause slight discomfort).

How to care for contact lenses?

Because they are the most sensitive part of our body, the eyes need extra attention to avoid any fungal eye infection or corneal ulcers. Compared to disposable lenses, the daily usage lenses need care, from cleaning the lenses with a solution to good personal hygiene by washing one’s hands before touching the lens.

Can I wear contacts overnight?

Contact lenses can be worn only for a certain period of time, and wearing them too often can make the eyes dry. It is especially not recommended to sleep while wearing the lens. When the eyes are closed, the oxygen flow is not the same as when the eyes are open. But if necessary, patients should consult with an eye doctor regarding their tolerance level and the effects of wearing the lens overnight.

Which color?

For those who looking for a bold change from regular lens colors, these lenses are a good option. There are different types of colored lenses, and the current trend is the colored lenses with the most natural look. Many brands offer them, and the most prominent and widely popular ones are Solotica lenses, which come with one-year wearability. Air Optics Pur Hazel and Solotica hidrocor quartzo are two of their brand offerings that a few celebrities have been seen wearing. These lenses are mostly used to complete a look, for a fashionable aesthetic or a costume appearance.


Often, as people grow older, they need lenses that provide help with both nearsightedness and farsightedness at the same time. This helps in reducing the need for reading glasses.

smart glasses
Smart Ray Ban glasses.


Contacts don’t completely eliminate the need for wearing glasses. They serve a purpose only for a specific period of time. So before purchasing contact lenses, it’s important to consider the cost of the investment and plan a budget based on including the overhead expenses of maintaining the lenses as well.

How to Choose Contact Lenses

Even with complete care, eyes can become irritated or dry. In that case, without hesitation, remove the lens and consult with a doctor before using them again.

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