Ordering Contact Lenses Online Is Convenient but Is it Safe?

Buying things online is now nearly as popular as shopping at a brick and mortar store. Many consumers choose to shop online instead of going to the store for a number of reasons. One is that it is easier to shop around for a better deal online, and two, because many virtual stores have better return policies. Another reason that eight in ten Americans use their computers or their phone to shop, is simply because nearly everything, from groceries to clothes can be bought online.

Some people are now even buying their contact lenses online. It’s surprisingly simple to do so as all a person needs to know when ordering contact lenses online is their prescription and the brand they wear. While this is becoming quite trendy, some optometrists are concerned about the safety factor. These optometrists say that because contact lenses are a medical device, wearing the wrong type of lens could cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Other concerns some eye doctors have is that the lenses might not fit very well, or the lenses are compromised due to the environment they are made, which could lead to contamination. While these concerns are valid, many people choose to buy their contacts online anyway, thanks to the convenience and lower prices.

It is actually more of a myth that contact lenses bought online will lead to eye infections and other complications. Companies that sell contact lenses online state that as long as contact wearers know their prescription and the brand they wear, and the contacts are ordered from a reputable seller, there should be nothing to worry about. Also, it is illegal to buy contact lenses online without a current, valid prescription.

For those who choose to order their contact lenses online, they should continue to see their optometrist on a regular basis. The reason this is so important is that prescriptions can change. Besides that, routine eye exams ensure that eye problems are caught early on, which makes conditions of the eye easier to treat, plus seeing an optometrist fosters good eye health.

For adults between the ages of 18 to 60, optometrists recommend having a routine vision exam every two years. Some at-risk adults, such as those who have a family history of eye disease, or they have had previous eye surgeries, may need to be seen more often.

Melissa Thompson
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