How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Usually Cost?

It is understandable to be confused about the actual cost of LASIK eye surgery. Charges for LASIK vary widely by region and practice. The average cost ranges from $1,000 to $4,000 per eye. To understand how the cost is estimated, it is crucial to look at the factors that influence it. These factors include items added in the quoted price: location, insurance coverage, personal factors, the surgeon, and the LASIK technology to be used.

Items Included in a LASIK Procedure

When buying a LASIK procedure, several items will be included. These items include the costs of the center where the procedure will be done, aftercare, and enhancements. Therefore, it is vital to get a detailed list of what the eye surgery cost will include before scheduling your surgery. Obviously the more the items included, the higher the cost. Less important items can be excluded to minimize the cost.

The LASIK Eye Surgeon

The eye surgeon carrying out the LASIK procedure also influences the overall cost. Surgeons who are more experienced tend to charge slightly more as they bring a lot of expertise to the table. However, a more experienced LASIK surgeon does not guarantee better results. It is essential to check whether your price includes aftercare. All the necessary follow-up visits should be included. Aftercare assists in ensuring that your operated eye heals correctly and your after-surgery distance vision is measured. Unnecessary follow-up visits can be excluded to minimize the total surgery cost.

Personal Factors

Personal factors that directly affect the cost of a LASIK procedure include region or location, insurance medical prescription. For instance, people prescribed to have poor visual acuity can be charged more than those with better visual acuity. Residents of a location with a higher cost of living such as large metropolitan areas can be charged more that those residing in smaller towns. Therefore, it is vital to compare the prices of LASIK eye surgery in different locations and choose the most affordable one when on a tight budget.

Costs of Enhancements

Costs of enhancements also influence the overall cost of a LASIK eye surgery. These are not reading glasses, but distance vision enhancements. Your care provider should share the details of the enhancements, including their costs. Some providers may offer free lifetime enhancements as an offer when buying their services, while others may charge an extra fee.

The LASIK Technology Used

The LASIK eye surgery technology used is a factor that influences the overall cost hugely. The most common LASIK technologies used at Optilase are the Custom Wavefront LASIK and Bladeless LASIK. The Custom Wavefront LASIK technique is less costly than the Bladeless technique. Custom Wavefront is a relatively new technology that has the potential of improving the visual acuity of an eye. It also enhances the contrast sensitivity of an eye. These benefits reduce post-surgery complications such as problems with night vision, glare, and halos.

Bladeless LASIK eye surgery is considered as the premium technology because it uses the most recent technology of lasers. Bladeless LASIK surgery differs from other technologies in that it uses a laser rather than a blade. Therefore, Bladeless LASIK has fewer after-surgery complications than other LASIK technologies. It has higher precision and produces corneal flaps that are thin enough to treat eye patients who are unsuitable for other LASIK technologies and thus costs more.

Insurance Coverage

As people ask how much does LASIK eye surgery usually cost, another question that comes up is the cost of LASIK when under an insurance coverage. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not offer cover on LASIK eye surgery. It is usually considered as cosmetic surgery, making it an exemption in many insurance covers. If your insurance does not include LASIK eye surgery, there are other avenues you can use to lowering the total costs. For instance, you can check with insurance companies that negotiate with LASIK providers to offer LASIK eye surgery discounts on their members.

To make LASIK eye surgery more affordable, you can always check with eye care providers who offer to finance for LASIK eye surgeries. Flexible spending accounts also assist in paying for it, whereby you can divert some pre-tax salary for out-of-pocket health care. Health saving accounts can also be used to make LASIK surgery more affordable by setting aside tax-free money into the account to pay for it. Unnecessary items in a LASIK Eye surgery plan should also be excluded to minimize the entire cost of the procedure. With such tips in mind, it is easier to estimate the cost of your own personal surgery.

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