Foundation Apologizes to The Country

The United Autism Foundation, also known as UNIAF, founded by former NFL pro football player, Olaf Hampel, is officially apologizing for the disrespectful and irresponsible remarks about children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism made by Adam Jasinski on Big Brother 9, a CBS Reality TV Show.

It is important to know that any and all remarks about children and adults with autism made by Adam Jasinski are his personal beliefs, and not the beliefs of the United Autism Foundation. Adam Jasinski did not make any of those unprofessional comments while he was working with the United Autism Foundation. Therefore, Adam Jasinski did not show any evidence about his personal beliefs in the few months he assisted the foundation and its mission to improve our community.

It needs to be clarified that the foundation has not received any financial support by the government or agencies, other foundations or even companies and was only funded by its founder. As the financial limits of the founder have been reached at the beginning of 2008, the United Autism Foundation was forced to downsize its operation and Adam Jasinski was no longer employed by UNIAF at the time of his comments, although he had continued to offer some assistance as a volunteer.

Based on the published comments on national television, Adam Jasinski cannot and will not represent or work for the United Autism Foundation after his time at the Big Brother TV show. His statements do not do justice to this overseen and the fastest growing disorder in our country.

UNIAF deeply apologizes to the Autism Community, all children, adults and their families who are affected with Autism and the entire country for the disrespectful comments which have been made on national television by a former employee. The United Autism foundation is trying to create public awareness in order to help and support all those who have been diagnosed with autism and is deeply offended by statements which can hurt any individuals in our nation.

To find out more information about the United Autism Foundation and its programs, please visit UNIAF at

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