Doctor Explains Why You Should Stop Reading to Your Baby!

WHY JUST READING TO YOUR BABY DOESN’T WORK -Research Shows New Ways to Teach a Baby to Think, Invent, Create and Problem Solve

Ask any new parent and they will tell you the best way to develop their child’s intelligence is to read to them. Bookstores are full of books for babies encouraging parents to read daily. Red, black and white graphics dominate the newborn stage while chunky board books are touted for the crawlers and toddlers.

Dr. S. H. Jacob, in the second edition of his highly popular book, Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years, addresses a critical aspect of baby development: the mind. Unlike traditional baby books that center around memorization, the focus is squarely on how children think, solve problems, and become inventors of new concepts such as those found in math and science.

Dr. Jacob’s new edition of Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years provides the latest information on:

– Why experiences in the first years are incredibly important – How their minds develop – What you can do to boost their brain power – How your children’s brains grow

“This book,” Dr. Jacob reveals, “is a must for all parents who want their young children to understand and not just memorize; to know and not just verbalize a word or a phrase; invent and not just copy; create and not merely repeat what others utter; and think and not just follow a recipe.”

Breaking out of the mold of using flash cards, meaningless training and rote memorization, Jacob shows parents why they should develop their baby’s mind: Unmatched brain growth and activity in the first two years open windows of opportunities for learning, ways of knowing, and attitude toward learning, discovering and inventing. The brain is making cell connections or hard-wiring itself with every action that the child takes and with every experience.

Early enrichment has enormous and long-lasting benefits for your baby’s development. Babies should be encouraged to become thinkers, problem-solvers, and creators, not learners of empty words and phrases. A knowledgeable parent can make all the difference in the world; they need to know what kind of activities to play with the child and when.

Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years has over 200 mind-nurturing, engaging, stage-appropriate activities for your baby emphasizing how babies form true understanding.

“I want to give you the tools and the confidence you need to enable your baby to reach his full intellectual potential,” stresses Jacob. “Your baby’s mind is perhaps the most miraculous thing you will ever encounter – and the more you know, the more miraculous the encounter becomes. Enjoy this most enlightening and joyful time of your life!”

About the author: Dr. Saied H. Jacob studied with the world-renowned developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget and has served as Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; and taught at the Graduate School of Education, UCLA. He has published numerous articles and books, most notably Foundations for Piagetian Education (1984), Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years (1991, 1992), and Your Inventive Baby (2008). Dr. Jacob has consulted widely for school systems as well as major companies and has appeared on radio and television programs throughout the country, including CBS This Morning, CNN’s Sonia Live, and National Public Radio (NPR). He lives with his wife and twin sons in Riverside, CA.

Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years is available on and

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