Current Trends Dictate Population Growth Slows By 2040

Total Fertility

United Nations [UNdata | record view | Total fertility rate (children per woman) says world population will start falling in 2040. The Medium Variant (2.09) is lower than the minimum necessity (2.1 children/woman), just to maintain population. Are they aware, or do they figure they’ll be dead by then anyway?


Robert Jones (Photojournalist), discusses the exact meaning of “eugenics.” Originally practiced by Margaret Sanger, whose original past racist policies clarified eugenics. As Rush Limbaugh says, “words mean things.” The word “genetics” has euphemistically replaced “eugenics.” The rug placed over eugenics, has masked its ethical dilemmas.

All eugenic theories were concocted to eliminate those not deemed ‘worthy’ to live. Through eugenics, Sanger fabricated Planned Parenthood’s (PP’s) “Negro Project,” designed to decrease Black population through eugenics by birth control. Sanger was known to speak at KKK rallies.

Adoption Vs Abortion

Per Keith Riler (American Thinker), our unwanted children are aborted 12-23x more frequently than born. Parents seem to believe killing them is preferable to granting them hope of adoption. ObamaCare creates ‘non-disease’ diseases like sexual activity, pregnancy, and old age. There is no serious health reason for aborting children than placing them in welcoming families. Abortion inclinations indicates we are craving lovers, resulting from our addiction to selfishness.

The cure for abortion, is adoption. Because 36 couples are lined-up for every adoption, 4-5 million couples are waiting for babies. That’s over 3-4x 1.2 million annually aborted. Imagine the benefits of annually adding another 1.2 million productive citizens. The rescued, and their children, will solve the demographics of stressed entitlement programs.

Euthanasia From Macular Degeneration

Wesley Smith (Consultant/Bioethics, Culture), indicates cases justifying euthanasia are spreading like wildfire in the Netherlands, to the point visual impairment can become the reason to exterminate. Lately, an elderly woman was euthanized over Macular Degeneration.

Chuck Colson (Wilberforce Forum) describes why 92% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. This includes countless other terminated lives due to mixing of chromosomes.

Calvin Freiburger (Live Action) says Down cannot be purged from the population. Even if we assume a 100% abortion of Down babies, it has non-hereditary factors. Downs could never be wiped out. “We’d just kill the patients early enough to fool ourselves thinking they never existed.”

DOWNS Football Player

State champion football player Eric Dompierre is a winner of Sports Illustrated’s Underdogs” contest. This student-athlete has Down syndrome. While studies indicate 92% of women who receive a diagnosis of Down abort, Eric shows how much of an inspiration persons with disabilities have on families. Eric and his teammates have gone to the ‘Big Apple’. But nothing would have happened had he been aborted.

Eric, and the Hematites, attend Ishpeming HS in Michigan. A varsity kicker, Eric wasn’t sure if he would be allowed to participate in sports. Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) regulations barred him from athletics after turning 19. Things obviously changed.

Recent Genetic Breakthroughs

In the movie “Gattaca,” the process Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis, allows parents to choose embryos containing the best-possible combination of hereditary traits. Those not chosen are killed.

A recent series of TIME articles discussed potentials, and pitfalls, of a new technology–Whole-Genome Sequencing (WGS). WGS analyzes a person’s entire genome and identity genetic risk factors for diseases. Despite 92% of Downs aborted, WGS offers pre-diagnosis of conditions that may not be known for decades-or ever. It’s obvious WGS, especially used in ‘utero’, will result in discrimination against the “already-born,” and death of countless unborn.

Now, Daily Mail discusses the first genetically modified babies, just recently created. Discovery of 30 healthy babies born after a series of experiments, provoked a furious ethical debate. To date, two of the tested babies have been found to contain genes from three parents.

Forty years ago, the SC gave the government authority to arbitrarily decide who is worthy of life, and who should be killed. Abortion corrupts our entire society, and retards progress on all other issues today. This includes the economy, with the lost income from 55 million since Roe 40 years ago.

Population growth has been reduced with all the above factors. In fact, current trends dictate population growth slows by 2040, and then begins to fall precipitously. People don’t understand after reaching 2040 population, people will be as common as a Secretary Bird.

Kevin Roeten
A former Chemical Engineer, Kevin Roeten enjoys riding the third rail of journalism: politics and religion. He is a Guest Columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times, and the Independent (Ohio), writes for numerous blogs, is an amateur astronomer, and delves into scientific topics.