COVID-19 No Vaccine Needed, There Is Already A Simple Cure

Dr. Richard Bartlett, a Dallas MD who previously advised Governor Rick Perry for 7 years has a lifesaving COVID-19 breakthrough, that Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Iceland are also using. The breakthrough is an inexpensive generic drug used to help asthmatics for more than 20 years, but the US and most of the world’s governments are using the WHO’s blind acceptance of the failed China strategy.

The deaths in every state, and every country could almost stop overnight if health professionals changed course immediately. For some reason, the NIH and CDC want to act as slow as molasses, but a small number of doctors are already doing this with their patients and they are seeing immediate success.

Will it work for every single patient? That remains to be seen, but many people who have used this protocol saw immediate results. This is the same path taken by Taiwan (24 million people, 7 deaths), Japan (126 million, 977 deaths), Singapore (5.6 million, 26 deaths) Iceland (341,000 population, 10 deaths).

Editor’s Note: 11 February 2021 – A new study from Oxford University proves that we were right all along and the Facebook and Twitter fact-checkers who thwarted our efforts to get this information shared widely were wrong. Facebook and Twitter and their fake fact-checkers bear direct responsibility for all of the deaths of the people this triple therapy medication could have saved.

dr richard bartlett, COVID-19 No Vaccine Needed, There Is Already A Cure
Dr Richard Bartlett talks about the COVID-19 breakthrough with Debbie Georgatos on “America Can We Talk.”

The Doctor and His Successes

Dr. Richard Bartlett has been practicing in Texas for 28 years. Gov. Perry asked him to be on the Health Disparities Task Force for two years, and he stayed for seven years. He is a regular CBS-TV health expert. He is also a medical author, who undertakes medical missions around the world.

Dr Bartlett says he is giving his COVID-19 patients an inhaled steroid, a standard asthma treatment. Not only is this treatment working, he says many of his patients see immediate results. For best effect, this generic medicine is administered through a nebulizer machine, not an inhaler.

100% of Dr. Bartlett’s patients are alive, and he has been using it since March, almost four months.

The COVID Virus and The Medicine

COVID is a respiratory inflammatory disease so an effective medicine must address respiratory inflammation.

The medicine used by Dr. Bartlett is administered as part of a trio. First, there is an inhaled asthma medication, a steroid that costs $200 for the complete treatment. It is administered through a nebulizer, and it takes about 5 minutes. In addition, Dr. Bartlett gives an antibiotic to protect from secondary infection of pneumonia, and also zinc, which fights against virus multiplication.

Here is how Dr. Bartlett explains it. “You plug in the machine, put the pre-mixed, pre-measured medicine from the pharmacy into the [machine] reservoir and push the ‘on’ button. You breathe it for 5 minutes.”

“Patients tell me they feel better during the first treatment. Their chest pain goes away. Their shortness of breath goes away. Then their fever breaks.”

This very safe medicine has been used on millions of people, including premature babies and also fragile people in nursing homes, for more than 20 years. It has no cardiac risk.

Why This Works For COVID-19

Dr. Bertlett says “COVID is a respiratory virus that goes into the lungs, and binds with ACE receptors in the lungs. That triggers a cytokine storm (inflammatory chemicals and enzymes) all over the body.”

COVID kills some people if they are not treated. 50% of people get COVID-19 but they don’t even know. For the 20% at risk, there are treatments that are already valid and working. Unfortunately, there are also failed protocols that are being used and repeated, killing people who did not need to die, had the right approach been taken, as Dr. Bartlett’s work shows.

“There is a lot of research on this medicine already and it is very safe,” Dr. Bartlett says.

The Patients

One of Dr. Bartlett’s patients has 2 types of lymphoma and is on chemotherapy. After being in bed at home with a fever for 5 days, she called him and he started her on the treatment that night. By the morning, her fever broke. She recovered over the weekend and worked a full day on Monday, and has since had two negative COVID tests.

Another of his patients has a 50-year history of smoking, and had quadruple bypass surgery. Even with high blood pressure and thyroid disease, this patient also had a positive result.

Why Repeat The Failed China Strategy?

The failed China strategy is being followed because the World Health Organization is promoting it. Some countries have already realized the failure and changed to the same winning strategy used by Dr. Bartlett.

Although the treatment used by Dr. Bartlett, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan works, and it is very low cost, the CDC and NIH allow very expensive experimental pharmaceuticals to be used by doctors.

The strategy Dr. Bartlett talks about is “Early Testing. Early Treatment.” This is the same strategy the U.S. uses for cancer, heart disease, stroke and other infections.

That is not the strategy promoted by WHO, which has praised the failed COVID China strategy. Italy followed their strategy and more than 30,000 people died there.

The failed Chinese strategy is “wait until the house is burned 2/3 down and then seek help.” The USA, Australia , the UK and most other countries are currently using the failed China strategy of lockdown and late intervention. The US, at least has massively ramped up its testing regime.


Health Authority Advice on Covid-19

The advice of many health authorities is “Don’t seek help if you have mild-to-moderate symptoms. Wait until you have severe symptoms,” Dr Bartlett says.

Bartlett says some people go to the ER because they feel bad, but they are sent home with a positive test, and are told “Take Tylenol and tough it out at home.”

“That’s a terrible plan for any healthcare problem, especially one that can kill you,” Bartlett says.

Waiting For A Useless Vaccine

Dr. Fauci, the NIH, the CDC and governments around the world are pinning their hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine. That is a strategy doomed to failure because, just like influenza, viruses mutate all the time, and every year, the flu vaccine is changed. This is the reason entities like the Gates Foundation and Big Pharma love vaccines so much. They can make massive amounts of money, because it never ends – it is recurring income.

COVID-19 is just like the ‘flu that kills more than a million people every year. It is an inflammatory respiratory disease and there are already proven safe protocols to keep that kind of medical problem under control.

The fact that the course of action proposed by Dr. Bartlett costs $200 and some of the untested antivirals cost $30,000 plus a hospital stay says a lot about why some people push for a vaccine. People have been conditioned to believe an annual vaccine is the answer to every problem.

Dr. Bartlett’s Paper

In an effort to attract attention to this breakthrough information, Dr. Bartlett has written a paper that cites 51 other articles. The problem is that papers take months to be peer-reviewed and published. In the meantime, people continue to die. Doctors could use this safe protocol now, without waiting, if they knew about it. That’s the reason for this story – one more possibility of getting the information into the hands of people who can make a difference.

Dr. Bartlett isn’t sitting idle, either. He is doing his best to get this information out, but governments work very slowly. They always have and likely always will. While governments around the world dither, people die. Politicians are often protected from information like this, thanks to their staff, who decide what they see. We’re trying to get past those gatekeepers, and would appreciate your help.

This protocol may not work in every case, but the halting of new deaths in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore shows that it is thousands of times better than what is happening in the U.S. and most other countries today. The key is early action.

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To hear the complete interview on COVID-19 with Dr. Richard Bartlett by Debbie Georgatos on America Can We Talk,” watch this video below. Note that Youtube, Facebook and Twitter all banned the video, even though it was the story of a real doctor and the treatment he gave to his own patients. Thankfully, the video is still available on Bitchute, at that link.

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