5 Lessons from the World’s Happiest Couples

In his book, The First Love Story: Adam, Eve and Us, Bruce Feiler touted Adam and Eve as the perfect role models for a healthy, loving and resilient relationship. However, what is surprising about the relationship of the first ever couple in humankind is that their relationship suffered from as much turmoil as any couple in the modern day. History blames them for bringing lust, sin and death into the world. However, how can we forget that Adam and Eve were the ones who also introduced love to the world?

Relationships are central to human well-being. Without them, we tend to get lonely and depressed. Adam and Eve taught the world the power of relationships. And ever since that time, couples all over the world have been seeking true love and their soulmate.

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Here are some more tips on strengthening the bond.

It’s Ok to Keep Secrets

Yes, you heard it right. There is no need for couples to share every single thought, fear, dream and fantasy with each other. Plus, every individual has a right to privacy, even if they are in a relationship. For instance, many men hide from their partner the fact that they are using best male enhancement supplement.

Fight Occasionally

All couples fight. However, successful and happy couples do it differently. Instead of shying away from arguments, they take it as an opportunity to put their views and thoughts in front of the other. This helps coupled communicate well and overcome differences better.

Frequent Touching

Neuroscientist David Linden views touch as the most important sense for promoting psychological health. When we touch someone we love, we are acknowledging their presence and are communicating our desire to be with them. Happy couples do it so often that when they are not around each other, it makes them miss the other, even more so because they are missing the amazing feeling of physical touch.

Find Each Other Attractive, No Matter What

We can’t look our best at all times. And then age is inevitable. Happy couples never stop at external beauty. They find their partner attractive for myriad reasons and don’t hesitate to express this attractiveness.

Make Intimacy a Routine

Intimacy, a term often used at a euphemism for sex, is much more than just that. It is more like enjoying immense closeness with your loved one, which may or may not involve sexual intercourse. However, when it does, it can take a relationship to an altogether new level.

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Melissa Thompson
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