New York Bagel Cafe Adds To Community and Health

One of the more extraordinary eating places to visit in Sherman Oaks is the New York Bagel Cafe. Daveed Meiron, the owner who worked for Warner Brothers in marketing and advertising, has a Masters Degree in science and technology. He believes in bringing the community together through healthy food, music, and poetry.

Why then did he go into the restaurant business, people ask. Daveed wanted to do something positive in bring his community together, and felt opening a bagel type restaurant would bring a diversified audience. He has done that, giving local artists and poets an outlet to express their talents on weekends.

His team consists of Margarita Georgians, the media coordinator, head chef Tanya Villagran, and recipes from Had a Ryerson.

Regarding his approach to cuisine, Daveed’s scientific values to preparing good food is an Alkaline water system where all his food is prepared with the best alkaline water. This adds to the recipes for the white bean soup and the lentil soup, an 80 year old recipe.

lentil soup.

Mission Statement

To offer quality, value, and dietary alternatives to customers by providing excellent tasting food with Gluten Free Vegan and Paleo options with terrific customer service.

new york bagel cafe inside.

Organic Cuisine Culinary Journey

Let’s begin with the New York bagels which are boiled for 20 seconds in purified alkaline water. Now comes the sandwiches and the soup. What a terrific combination. The white bean soup and the lentil soup are not only hardy, but taste so good.

The sandwiches are excellent. The Works for instance is made with lox, homemade vegan cream cheese, capers, onions, tomatoes and spinach. The Veggie, which my friend and associate Alex Ayzin enjoyed, is prepared with a three olive homemade spread with bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, red onion and spinach.

lox bagel.

For a healthy breakfast, one of the more popular raw smoothies is the Morning Glow, prepared with pineapple, kale, jalapeno, carrot, apple, cucumber and banana. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg, their coffee is organic from Columbia, and their spices are imported from Israel.


Most everyone has a sweet tooth now and then. Alex and I recommend the assorted cookies, Fruity Macaroons, assorted pastries and for good energy, the Chia pudding, which is not sweet, but has body and a smooth taste to it.

New York Bagel Cafe is in Sherman Oaks at 14423 Ventura Blvd. Hours of operation are 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. For pick up, delivery, or catering call818-714-2282.

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Celebrity Scene News awards 4 stars to New York Bagel Cafe for healthy , delicious cuisine.

new york bagel cafe.

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