Value in Education: USA, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia

College at Your Own Pace.
College at Your Own Pace.

Countries vary in how they approach higher education in cost, access, and, overall quality. The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia relate to one another in ideals and together has progressed globalization.

No Need to Travel Abroad

The Internet reinvents itself every year. Traveling abroad for a Master’s degree is no longer a requirement. People attend Universities online and receive a Master of Business Administration degree from around the World.

The globalized economy is a reality. Along with core subjects, graduate students focus on finance and management to understand how the global economy operates. Trends, markets, and Worldwide regulations are part of the studies when attending Universities online or in-country. Culture awareness brings new voices to the table of business and makes globalization possible.

Online International MBA’s uses flexibility and stringent curricula that mimics an on-site University course plan. The struggles of online courses are still present, though. Managing life, such as daycare or full-time jobs, along with focused classes is not the easiest of tasks.

Learning Internationally without Immigrating

The World is becoming immigrant unfriendly, reversing a trend and forcing many to seek education in their home countries because of lack of options.

STEM fields are on the rise as higher learning includes them in their degree plans. Technology is ever evolving, and STEM keeps up when some countries are still lagging. Faculty, peers, and resources are pouring into STEM and attracting students from across the World.

The Western World draws an international workforce. Globalization is changing the shape of MBA’s in STEM-specific fields. With or without migration, the top-notch classes around the World offer people a chance to attend and earn a degree on the international stage.

Covering Cost

University costs are all over the place but give prospective graduate students choices. For countries where tuition is high, international online courses are perfect.

  • In Australia, an MBA costs on average $15,000. Housing and books tacks on an additional $20, 000.
  • The United States’ tuition’s range Is vast at $20,000 to $50,000 a year. Private and public universities are inclusive in the cost, which is why the averages vary.
  • The United Kingdom is expensive at £10,000 with cost of living equaling the same.
  • Canadian universities charge $12,000 in tuition and $10,000 in housing, food, and other costs.
  • Germany comes in at approximately $25,000 in tuition, averaging at the center of other countries.

However, the ability to learn how international business works and come out with a degree is priceless.

Melissa Thompson
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