UK Clamps Down on Student Visas

In order to prevent students from working illegally in the UK, authorities are staging a massive clamp down on the rules applicable to all student visitors – effective immediately.

Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, reassures the public that these changes will not affect genuine students from entering into the country for educational purposes. These regulations are being established in order to prevent people from pretending to be students in order to enter the UK with the main intent of finding a job.

According to the new rules, the number of hours foreign students will be allowed to work will be cut from 20 per week to 10 and an excellent grasp of the English language will be required. Also, anyone who enters the country in order to attend short courses (i.e. courses with a duration of less than six months), can no longer bring their dependents.

Although the new policies regarding student visas are largely intended to keep ‘students’ out of the country, They also protect Britain on a greater scale by lessening the rate of potentially dangerous people who may enter into the country under false pretenses.

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Kristin Mento
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