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Kristin Mento is a second year journalism student in Cape Town, South Africa, formerly the creative director and contributing journalist, now editor-at-large for TOAST magazine. She is a versatile writer who writes on a range of topics in a range of styles and is most passionate about Art, Music, Reviews, Features and Fiction.

Tonga Shaken By Massive Earthquake

The earth quake rocked Tonga, catching residents off guard as they prepared themselves for a visit from tropical cyclone, Rene, which is currently a category three cyclone with wind speeds of up to 93 miles an hour.

Cat Killer Admits to Crime

A man accused of killing a series of his girlfriend's cats has pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty in a Manhattan court.

UK Clamps Down on Student Visas

In order to prevent students from working illegally in the UK, authorities are staging a massive clamp down on the rules applicable to all student visitors.

Over 3,000 Fossilized Dino Footprints Uncovered

Archaeologists have recently uncovered over 3,000 footprints on a site in Beijing, China

Facebook Stirs Another Layout

Once again, Facebook is planning to make a few layout changes to their site.

Revelation: ‘Jesus’ returns in tablet form!

This mystery device has been so hyped that it has been dubbed the 'Jesus' tablet or 'Messiah Machine', alluding to the possibility that it could be the most anticipated technological advance of the millennium.

Cyber Suicide: Are you prepared to commit?

Has the net become all too much for you to handle? Just wish you could end it all? Well now you can with the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine program.

Soundtracks vs. Comebacks: Music Sampling Gets Scored

A look at music sampling - the good, the bad, the clever and the South African.