Revelation: ‘Jesus’ returns in tablet form!

Attention all technomaniacs!!! The wait will soon be over…

Months after generating a global buzz over the Apple tablet-style touchscreen personal computer, it appears that technomaniacs from all over the US might finally get to see the real ‘makoya’ in the hands of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

Today, the California-based company is going all out, hosting an event to officially unveil their “latest creation” to reporters. Although Apple is known for its ‘hush hush’ nature regarding technical details, industry watchers say that all signs seem to indicate that they will be announcing a new device to the public – very likely a new tablet computer.

This mystery device has been so hyped that it has been dubbed the “Jesus” tablet or “Messiah Machine,” alluding to the possibility that it could be the most anticipated technological advance of the millennium.

Techno blogs have been in an uproar of anticipation since the rumours of this new device have broken the surface of the media and already there is much speculation surrounding the actual name of the device, its accessories and its technical lighting dilemmas.

At 8:30pm CAT (10am in California, USA) the mystery will be unveiled and the world will gaze upon the screen of something revolutionary – or so they say. There is a fine line between a magnificent success and dismal fail with this device. The question is: Will ‘Jesus’ be all it’s cracked up to be??

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Kristin Mento
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