Facebook Stirs Another Layout

Once again, Facebook is planning to make a few minor layout changes to their site.

These changes are said to draw more attention to Facebook applications, games and search icons; however, the public seems to be skeptical of these changes.

Many expressed irritation towards the last layout change, stating that they could not find the icons for certain applications on the site, but the Facebook company maintains that these changes will only benefit users and are occurring due to users’ demand for them. Facebook representatives say that months of testing ensues in order to most accurately understand what their users want from the site.

The latest redesign sees that links to messages, notifications and friends will reside at the top of the page and users will also be able to see which friends are online without clicking on a link. The search box is also said to be more prominent on the site.

These changes have begun to occur as of Yesterday (5 February 2010), the company’s sixth birthday, so users all over the world can expect to see these changes on their Facebook accounts very soon.

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