Transforming Education, Overcoming Dyslexia and ADD

El Dorado Hills, CA – A California Charter School has partnered with the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center to transform education in the El Dorado County/Sacramento Region. This unique partnership combines one-on-one tutoring with professional, educational coaching and, together they offer specialized educational programs to all K-12 students, including those with learning challenges such as Dyslexia and ADD.

The Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center was founded by Gerald Hughes in 2005 to help children and adults overcome the effects of Dyslexia, ADD and other learning challenges. Since that time, Gerald and his staff of Learning Specialists have been using advanced coaching methods to help childen and adults with ADD, Dyslexia and other learning challenges improve their ability to effectively assimilate and process information. In short, supercharging their ability to learn.

A Tutoring Place was founded in 1999 as the passion of long-time educator, Judy Muetz, a credentialed teacher with over 35 years experience. It’s primary goal was to assist Junior High and High School students deal with the pressures of school. When asked why she founded A Tutoring Place, Judy responded, “We started it to prevent teenage suicide. Because the kids these days are under more stress than we were – from college, parental, and educational expectations. Classes are harder. Society is harder.”

In January, 2008, A Tutoring Place relocated to El Dorado Hills and establised its formal relationshipwith the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center. According to Gerald, “This new partnership combines high-tech coaching with high-touch teaching to bring a completely new dimension to education and tutoring. Our mission is simple: to make learning easy, fast and fun.

Parents and teachers can contact A Tutoring Place and the Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center at (916) 358-5803 or (530) 295-1622.

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