Juliet Robertson Developing Research in The Unique Area of Outdoor Education

It’s only once in a life time you get a chance to come across someone who really cares for children, has a great personality and the adventuresome spirit of a Jane Goodall all rolled up into one. One of this years Winston Churchill Traveling Fellows is hoping to breakdown some walls in educational circles.

Juliet Robertson an English woman whose been feverishly working in Scotland developing research in the unique area of outdoor education and learning for children. She is one of these years’ winners of the Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship and she has an interesting slant on taking children to new heights in education. Besides being out doors she’s out in front of the pack on her beliefs that educating children with outdoor leaning really makes a huge difference. Juliet arrived on US soil spending some of her valuable time investigating organizations like Leave No Child Inside where she met the Regional Coordinator, Marty Kenahan. Her experiences with Marty and her staff were a warm welcome on US soil as they met in the lovely downtown Chicago area. Their second meeting took Juliet from their boardroom to an actual location right outside of Chicago in Lisle Illinois at The Morton Aboretum .

Some of the Chicago wilderness staff met her at the Aboretum with hopes of doing a tour of some of the unique parts that would appeal primarily to children. Gathering a few feet within the main area Juliet was fortunate to meet with one of the designers of the themes in the children friendly park area. Colorful large scale steel flowers brightly painted in pink and lavender nearly 3-4 feet high stood for children to play with.

The Fermi Lab also made time available for Scotland’s Winston Churchill Fellow as they extended a tour of their facility to Robertson. The information, the knowledge and the experience will serve as a great spring board for the Scottish educator. Juliet will continue to gain breakthrough research which will allow her to develop her strong concepts and a powerful blueprint for educational programs world wide. It will be a great learning experience for us all as we open up to the new possibilities that Robertson unleashes as she shares the great research she is uncovering in the US, Canada and in the UK. Robertson can be contacted through her website at www.creativestarlearning.co.uk/.

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