The Privileges of Using Nitro Pro 7

Garrett Godwin: How can Nitro Pro 7 cut readers’ workload down?

Dan Jackson (Account Coordinator for the PR firm, Grayling Connecting Point): Nitro Pro 7 has many features that make the process of using digital documents more intuitive and efficient. For example, often people are emailed forms they need to sign and email back. This would typically involve printing out the form, physically signing it, scanning it back in, and emailing it back. Nitro Pro 7 includes a new feature called QuickSign, which allows users to digitally stamp their legal signature on documents, cutting out several steps in the process and thereby saving time for the user.

GG: Is this one of many learning tools for both high school and college students?

DJ: Nitro Pro 7 is great for students and any education environment. In fact, more students than ever before are working with PDF files thanks to professors and faculties who issue electronic excerpts from books, course notes, and more. A growing number of college textbooks are also being made available for electronic purchase – often at half the price of their physical textbook counterparts. Nitro Pro 7 enables students to use PDF files to take notes faster, search them more easily, and access all of their coursework and materials from the convenience of a laptop or USB drive.

GG: What is the difference between PDF and Microsoft?

DJ: PDF is a file format – it stands for Portable Document Format and functions to exchange documents easily with smaller file size and fixed-layout of content. After almost 20 years in existence, Portable Document Format is the global standard for reliable digital document sharing. Originally conceived as a replacement for physical paper that would display identically on any machine – regardless of environment, operating system, or anything else. In short, PDF is the closest thing we have to true, electronic paper. Microsoft is a company that develops authoring software. For example, the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to create content.

GG: What are the benefits of using PDFs and why?

DJ:The most common benefits to using PDF include:

  • Ubiquity. Thanks to the commonality of PDF viewers – an estimated instance on every internet-connected computer – it’s one of the few formats anyone can open.
  • Consistency. As a ‘final form’ format, PDF files will render identically on any machine.
  • Collaboration. PDF is the only format that supports both text and drawing markups, and provides an experience more comparable to reviewing physical paper.
  • Compactness. Generally speaking, PDF files enjoy a relatively compact file size – lengthy, multi-page documents containing graphics can be easily compressed to email-friendly sizes.

    GG: How and why people such as myself remain in the dark about this?

    DJ: Nitro recently conducted a survey of 1000 Americans, and the results were quite interesting. While a majority of Americans acknowledged frequently using digital documents that commonly come as PDFs (such as bank statements or concert tickets), more than half of them said they were unfamiliar with PDFs. This is surprising because it is estimated that every Internet-connected computer has a PDF reader installed, and it is one of the largest categories of software, only second to web browsers. We believe that this unfamiliarity with PDFs despite people using them regularly is because previously, PDF software has been difficult to use. Nitro is debunking the myth that PDFs are only a “presentation” format by creating software that is intuitive, easy to use, and affordable.

    GG: Can we find PDFs at our local Best Buy or Target stores? If not, where can we find to know more about them?

    DJ: While Nitro Pro 7 is not available in retail stores, it is available for download at You can also read more at

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