Teacher Salary By State – Your Basic Resource

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, teachers are necessary. You may think your teachers get too much or too little but it has been very difficult until recently to learn just what they do make.

That is unfortunate since they are paid by the public and salaries are, by law, a matter of public record.

The “Providence” solution as it is becoming known, is getting some interest perhaps because by simply firing everyone you void contracts and no longer need to weed out employees based entirely on time in service.

One problem with looking at salaries is that, for example, $45,000 is a lot of money if you live in a rural area, but not much if you teach in Manhattan.

This first site ranks not just the average salary by state but estimates the cost of comfort, that is, how well do people live on that salary. http://teacherportal.com/teacher-salaries-by-state

The top 10 states listed by “comfort level for the average salary” are:

1. Illinois

2. Delaware

3. Georgia

4. Michigan

5. Pennsylvania

6. Ohio

7. Texas

8. Indiana

9. Tennessee

10. Minnesota

Here is a city-by-city search site for teacher salaries.


This site lists various factors by state, including salary range, housing prices, median household income (what other people make), and more http://www.teachersalaryinfo.com/average-teacher-salary.html

And to see summaries of other state school information check out http://www.teachersalaryinfo.com/ for teacher blog links and the amount of money spent per student.