Language Teacher Majed Alhamad Shares the Importance of Learning a 2nd Language

As a translator and tourist guide in Dubai, Majed Alhamad grew up speaking both Arabic and English fluently before moving on and learning Spanish and French and discovering his natural ability to make learning languages fun and simple!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Currently a multilingual, foreign language teacher who tutors clients in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, Majed Alhamad is a native of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He not only believes that learning a second language is essential, but his unique approach allows students to develop their language skills to the level of fluency.

How does he achieve this? He believes it has a lot to do with creating an encouraging and open environment where it’s okay to make mistakes and to learn from them.

In allowing mistakes, a student’s competency level quickly improves from basic understanding to fluency, he states. Learning a new language is a journey.

Captivated by languages, Alhamad grew up speaking Arabic and English at home and school. However, his curiosity with European languages quickly introduced him to French and Spanish, nudging him to indulge in foreign books and movies. Fascinated by the stories, he self-taught himself through the reading and viewing process. He soon found himself devouring as much material as he could.

Armed with the skill for language, Alhamad worked as a tour guide in the bustling city of Dubai and, as he discovered and honed his craft, he realized his talent for making learning new languages fun and enjoyable.

Although he incorporates cross-cultural studies in his curriculum, Mr. Alhamad relies heavily on his bachelor’s degree in linguistics as well as on modern curriculums to help his students learn and perfect their language skills.

Practicing as much as possible is a big differentiator, he notes, adding that by fostering an open and supportive learning environment not only encourages his students to connect more deeply with the material, but it gives them the confidence to apply their learning with confidence.


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