Former Harvard Student: Fake

A former Harvard University student faked world class credentials with two Harvard prizes and perfect grades. He created a history of plagiarizing others’ work- a Massachusetts prosecutor explained. He, Adam Wheeler of Delaware-23, is to be arraigned on 20 counts. A Harvard professor looking-over Wheeler’s application for a scholarship realized Wheeler’s work was like that of another professor.

The university set-out to find the truth. Harvard found that Wheeler made-up recommendations from Harvard professors, books he co-authored, courses he taught- even his SAT scores were fake.

His record at Bowdoin College- before attending Harvard- was dug up, and his suspension for academic cheating exposed.

In January, after leaving Harvard, Wheeler applied for an internship at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, “stating that he was taking the spring semester off from Harvard to work on two scholarly books,” Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone.

The hospital rejected Wheeler after a background check.

“Not only was this defendant untruthful on his application to the University and his numerous scholarship applications, he is also alleged to have stolen over $45,000 in grants, scholarship and financial aid money awarded to him on applications and submissions of documents that were based on lies and reproductions of other people’s hard work,” Leone explained.