Enemies of ‘Freedom’ Threaten American Societies

If we as a nation enjoy our lives we must know what dangers hide in the shadows of time that have the power to change our way of life. How can we know when any power could or would surreptitiously try to gain control of our nation?

It has been said that this nation has nothing to fear except the power within its own government or its own people. Could that be true? How could a nation of free people become their own worst enemies?

Every honest and faithful person should know and realize; there are some basic weakness’s men (people) fail to see, and begin to evolve as we blindly stroll down the path of life. This is where we are confronted by the enemies of Freedom who hide in shadows of time.

I think it was Dale Carnegie who wrote, how is it possible to win the battle with people who look not for what is best, but give way to persuasion, praise and flattery. To win them over to a better way must be done with common sense, the plain truth and no flattery.

There are people who have been trained to tell others the flattering words, “It’s not your fault.” This becomes our first threat, to take lightly our responsibility as citizens and know what we believe, how we act on what we believe, and how to accept our responsibility for our own lives.

The scales of justice hold the answer (scales of good- vs. – evil). When evil outweighs good and we forget who we are and how we should live, and give way to praise and flattery, (self imposed or external) we destroy the purposes of Freedom.

The freedom of choice (agency) is a gift not a right to squander the blessing of agency by doing what is wrong just to satisfy our own carnal desires, for wealth, power, and unrighteous dominium over others. When the scales of justice tilt toward negative we are heading for trouble in this nation if not corrected.

If we as Americans pay more attention to our desires and not to what is best and we choose evil and not good then the scales of justice must be satisfied.

If we as good Americans want only that which is for our own gain, and hope for a handout then again we fail the cause of freedom and justice will collect.

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Another enemy hiding in the shadows is the Education of our present and future generations. This enemy of education is at a critical stage in our nation.

Schools are afraid to tell the government NO to certain curriculums pushed by politicians or the Department of Education, because our government holds the money and uses it as leverage to get what they want.

Education must include many subject including that it is wrong and dangerous to health to use ILLEGAL DRUGS, or MISUSE of LEGAL DRUGS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and other addictive foods and drinks that can cause serious health issues. The body they have can’t not be replaced.

We need to spend our money wisely on prevention and care. One ounce of prevention solves 10 pounds of the care. If drug testing is necessary then parents and students must know it will be mandatory.

The price of the mentioned of addictive substances cost’s our nation and stalls our economy 559 billion dollars every year and the price increases with each new generation that comes addicted.

What is causing this terrible situation where our children think and feel it is necessary to take drugs, alcohol and use tobacco? Agency is misused when a person selects a bad choice, and the scales of justice begin to tilt.

Another of our failures is not to understand the purpose for chastity, modesty, and celibacy. Love affairs outside of marriage add up quickly and cause terrible disturbances into our families and individual lives. Children from divorced families have difficulties though their lives and into adulthood.

No wonder our youth are taking to addictive habits.

Adultery creates a huge and terrible price that innocent children pay much of the price and for something they didn’t do.

When they become adults 50% of them will be divorced one or more times in their life span… They will also indulge into fornication before they are 16 years old (some at a sobering young age of 8-10). What a great example we (older generation) set for our youth.

How can we as a nation condone this type of conduct and continue paying for it over and over again.

The money wasted and lost because of sexual misconduct weighs heavy upon the families of America. Sexual misconduct allows abortion, HIV, STDs, drugs and other problems that eat away at our economy.

It fills men’s hearts with unnatural desires for pleasure and turns good lives into horrible situations

STD costs this nation 16 billion every year, ranging from 3000 to 5000 dollars per person who is treated. It leaves behind those who suffer for a lifetime and many who die or can never have children. What is worth this kind of price? What is worth having our children become infected and suffer in some cases all their lifetime?

How long will it take for this nation to wake up to this fact; we must keep our freedom within limits and not abuse it as we presently do in this nation. We need to learn, if we don’t hold the line we lose our freedoms gradually year after year until it is too costly and too late.

Our society is slipping into the area of no return if we don’t stop this downhill slide we may never recoup again.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.