Drunk Women Bus Driver Arrested At Middle School

A New Jersey woman bus driver was arrested at a middle school when she stopped to pick up more children.

The driver, Carole C., 46 of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, faces 25 counts of driving under the influence with a minor, and child endangerment, as reported by the Courier-Post.

The students allegedly called or texted their parents, who called the police.

The Courier-post reported that Carole C. blew a .25 Alcohol Level. State limit is .08. Wow, 3 times the legal limit during school hours.

Carole was also charged with disorderly conduct. She has two separate bail amounts. $10,000.00 for the Disorderly and $75,000.00 for driving while intoxicated.

I’m not saying what the lady did was right, but 25 counts of DUI? Did she drive 25 buses or 25 separate times that day? Or was it one isolated incident?

What happened to drunk driving tickets?

It seems like school bus incidents are popping up more frequently in the news. Ranging from accidents, to runaway buses, to DUI charges against the drivers.

All School buses should be equipped with GPS tracking devices like Onstar that can locate the bus and disable the bus remotely under police direction.

Last but surely not least, all school buses should have Blow before you go – ignition interlock devices, so the driver cannot even start the vehicle if he or she blows over the legal limit, correction if he or she blows any alcohol limit at all.

I’m sure that Googling school bus accidents, school bus drivers driving drunk, and missing school bus, returns enough stories to make any parent paranoid about sending kids on a school bus.

We put a lot of trust in school bus drivers, because they are driving precious cargo. Yet we have no decisions on who drives them nor do we inspect the buses.