Five Best Online MBAs in Canada

As the business world becomes more competitive, having a strong degree is important if one wants to survive and thrive. What more can be better than a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA)? An MBA is one of the most valuable and internationally recognized postgraduate degrees in the entire world. The concept of online MBA programs is on the rise in Canada.

This article discusses five of the best online MBA programs in Canada. Let’s see what the universities in Canada have in store for graduates wanting to expand their horizons.

studying for an online MBA.
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Queens’ University – Executive MBA

Queen’s University offers an Executive MBA course – a one-year program with several specialization options including consulting, healthcare management, finance, marketing & sales, entrepreneurship & innovation, and general management. The application deadline is January 2019 and there is no fee to apply. The best thing about this course is that Queen’s University has AACSB and EQUIS accreditations.

Saint Mary’s University – Multiple Online MBA Programs in Canada

Saint Mary’s University, Sobey School of Business offers two online MBA programs in Canada including an Accelerated MBA having part-time course & full-time course, and Full-time MBA. In the Accelerated MBA, the part-time course takes 24 months to complete while the full-time course takes 12 months. However, the Full-time MBA Course has a duration of 2-years with an internship or international exchange. In order to get admission to the university, an application has to be submitted along with a CAD $70 application fee.

Dalhousie University – Corporate Residency MBA

For business graduates looking for an online MBA course in Canada with multiple specialization options, Dalhousie University is a good option to consider. The specializations include Business & Government, Marketing, Management, Innovation & Technology, Finance, and International Business. The duration of this course is 22 months and the deadline to apply is June 2019. The application fee is CAD $100, and it is non-refundable. The course has been specifically designed to prepare the students for future challenges and help them devise strategies according to the situation.

Laurentian University – Master of Business Administration

The online MBA program offered by Laurentian University is a fully revitalized curriculum designed in a flexible format allowing for more growth. The course is available on both part-time and full-time basis, and is to be completed online. The applications can be submitted online and the course will start on 4 September 2019. The course focuses on ethical leadership, advanced marketing, and financial concepts, business strategy, and managing information systems. The complete work integrated learning program ensures all participants gain valuable experience while studying to get ahead in their careers.

The University of Victoria – 9 Online MBA Programs in Canada

When it comes to online MBA programs in Canada, University of Victoria is one of the best offering multiple courses. The university offers as much as nine different online MBA programs – each with its own unique specialization and course outline. There are courses available in different durations, i.e. from 2 years to 6 years. All the courses are expected to start in January 2019 and the applications can be submitted online.

There are options for Canadians other than Canadian Universities. Canadians can take a highly ranked MBA from overseas that will still give them the same, if not a better chance of landing their dream job. Fully online programs like the James Cook MBA Global exist so that earning a globally respected MBA from the comfort of home is now an option.

Therefore, any graduate considering going after a degree to better equip themselves for future job roles, should consider doing an MBA at a Canadian university. On completion of the degree course, they will be better prepared to take on more difficult tasks in the working world and their earnings will grow as well.