3 Things to Consider Before Your Child Goes to School Every Day

School is an institution to develop the cognitive ability of a toddler (which is like a blank slate at this stage). Before a child gets introduced to the school environment, he is still not familiar with the social behavioral patterns, more so the comprehension of psychological-emotional interpretations like comfort, chaff, or hurt. Few of the important child behavior management factors which a school emphasizes on are instilling beliefs, emotions, psychological adaptability to external (cultural and societal stimuli), encouraging participation amongst them, driving away cynicism and fostering problem-solving approaches in all situations.

Toddlers and Their Initial Reluctant Behaviour to Go to School

According to human nature, we admonish any new task when asked to accept the first time. Our minds yearn for comfort, and reassurance which is lacking in a new environment. Thus, when a child is forced to get adapted to an altogether new surrounding (school per say), the first reaction comes in the form of retaliation, continuous houndings, sudden emotional outbursts and what not. But when the minor is habituated to his or her everyday school routine, the melancholy transforms into cheerfulness (as they now enjoy the company of new friends, new faces, and new environment).

Dilemma of Parents

With each passing day, new curriculum and teaching methodologies are being introduced in the schooling structure. When examined closely, every new addition or approach tries to outweigh the conventional methodologies and may take time to blend with the mindset of people with orthodox mentality or are in the process of accepting the new analogies on a day-to-day basis. Due to existing disparity in the society, parents are skeptical in their decision for which school to put their toddlers into.

There are many factors that cloud the minds of the nurturer like the safety of the child, effectiveness of the curriculum, the competitive edge of the institution over others and many more. There is another very important area of concern for the parent is the ability of the teacher, their form or conduct, and relationship their kid establishes with the teacher. We spoke to some of the teachers at Bright Path Kids to get a better understanding of the entire scenario, and how this relationship is formed.

Hence, the above illustration can easily help us decipher the 3 important things a parent must consider before their child (or children) adheres to the regular school going routine.

  1. It is important to develop a knowledge environment for the child when he or she is in the company of family or relatives. The intelligence quotient and brain activity of a child are maximum at the behest of their kindergarten journey. Offering the child with a fun learning experience enhances their brain activity manifold. Since one can easily find the different learning techniques for different children age group online, parents must seek information on the approaches availed by schools to introduce them to the children at home. This will make them familiar to adapt to the school environment in the initial stages and diminish the anxiety or alienated feelings in the toddler for them to go to school every day.
  2. Every child has an inherent quality or interest they excel in. Rather than carving the child as per societal expectations, and pressure from peers and elders, parents must encourage the child to explore their interests further (whether it is playing with toys, or music or quenching their inquisitive nature). The same must be conveyed to the teacher supervising the child at school. This will encourage the teacher to device learning programs around the child’s interest areas and help strengthen the teacher-student relationship. This will, in turn, help the child go to school every day.
  3. Usually, a child fears more people around him when suddenly put in a school or creche. Hence, parents must engage their child in outdoor activities more often that will eventually help them get adapted to new faces with ease. This further will facilitate them to accept new surroundings, and faces when sent to school every day.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.