What Businesses Can Learn From Programs Like CDPAP To Improve Business As A Whole

The consumer is gaining power due to technology allowing them to interact via reviews and interact about great or bad experiences via social media as well. There are certain programs like that of CDPAP or Consumer Direct Assistance Program that puts the power in the hands of the consumer. People at one point or another might need special care from an assistant that comes to their home daily. The consumer driven part of this program is that he person can pick a caregiver of their choice including most family members. The following are some things that businesses can learn from CDPAP to improve their business as a whole.

Qualifying Participants or Customers

To qualify for CDPAP you need to have Medicaid, need the home care, and you must or someone else must direct your care. Businesses like that of real estate agencies qualify customers before showing them homes as many agencies have an in-house lender that will pre-qualify the person for a loan. This allows agents to only take out people who will qualify for a mortgage instead of wasting time on people who might not have the credit score to qualify for a mortgage let alone a car loan. Customer questionnaires can be a huge help in gathering information to qualify a potential customer. A business only should be spending time on those that can afford their product or service.

Empowering Those That Need Help or Feel Powerless

One of the largest reasons that those getting a bit older want to deny home care is that they feel like they will lose their independence. Many people could see home care as the first step to having to go to an assisted living facility. Being able to pick a family member that qualifies to help with home care empowers those that might feel like they are powerless as this time. Businesses can learn from this by asking a client what their pain points are then solving them rather than pitching them products or services that don’t address these needs. Empower a customer by asking them what they want instead of giving them a generic pitch.

A Small Tweak Can Make A Huge Difference

The ability to choose the personal assistant to help with daily activities is a small tweak in a process that has been going on for years. CDPAP gave the consumer the power which not only helps the person needing care but also gives the family peace of mind that another family member is caring for them. Small tweaks in processes in business are important as a business should always be trying to perfect a process. Changing too much at once can make it difficult to gauge which change made the difference. For this reason a small tweak is recommended before doing any complete overhauls with processes.

Educating The Consumer About Their Options

CDPAP Department of Edison HHC does a great job of informing people about how to enroll in CDPAP. Certain government or state programs can be difficult to understand the paperwork process so there are businesses that can help. Businesses can learn from this as educating the consumer is imperative. A consumer might not understand the need for a service or product until they are educated on how it can impact daily life. An educated customer is much easier to deal with than a customer that thinks they know everything but actually know very little.

The above are the things that you can learn in business from programs like CDPAP. What are some programs you think that businesses should learn from?

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