Will it Be Susan Powell’s Remains This Time Around? I Doubt It!

The discovery of remains at Topaz Mountain by the West Valley City police doesn’t seem to be stirring up much excitement from friends and family of Susan Powell. An underlying skepticism lingers in their facial expressions, gestures, or comments. They’ve been down this road before. But why focus on this particular area?

Topaz Mountain is in Juab County, which is 135 miles southwest of West Valley City, Utah, the town Susan Powell lived in at the time she disappeared (December 7, 2009). Well, I hear Josh Powell had a hobby of rock hunting, and occasionally did some rock hunting in this desert area. I didn’t see any mention in the news of just how frequently Josh would indulge in these gem searches?

susan powell

Another reason, I suspect, that the police are zeroed in on this Topaz Mountain area, (which makes me feel as if I’m watching a John Ford movie) is its proximity to the alleged campsite where Josh said he took his kids camping, the night Susan vanished. Let’s see, that’s right, the camping site is called the Pony Express Trail and it’s 30 miles from Topaz Mountain.

So in reading between the lines, and if the remains can be positively identified as Susan’s, this implies that Josh makes a U-turn somewhere up on the Pony Express Trail highway, and mozies over to Topaz Mountain to imbibe in a midnight surprise gem Easter egg hunt in a blinding blizzard. Okay, I’m gullible, I’ll buy it!

In this way of thinking, Josh makes up this story about the camping trip, as a variation on his real destination of this desert region we’ve been referring to. That is, it’s a logical cover story for his real intention of hiding Susan’s remains. This is my best guess for a train of thought, a hunch of what investigators believe went down that chilly winter night.

topaz mountain

The tenacity, the perseverance of the West Valley City police is admirable. They just won’t give up searching for Susan. Last month they did a thorough search of mine shafts in mountainous Ely, Nevada. Why did they pick this area? I’ve totally forgotten by now. How much did that cost to perform the search? WVC must be rich.

Hey, but maybe WVC police have another motive. The Susan Powell case is as high profile as I’ve ever seen. In light of the advent of the mean social media machine, WVC are in the Big Spotlight of scrutinization by millions. If they don’t solve the Susan Powell mystery soon they’ll come off like a pack of Barnie Fifes from Mayberry USA! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Friendo.

Dog and pony show in the dazzling desert. Bag a bones found, but who do they belong to this time? I’m skeptical they are Susan’s. A jaded aura emanates from significant friends and family members. Josh and Steve still ahead 10 to 1 in a cat and mouse social media publicity game that’s never ending.