Who Was Vermont School Teacher Melissa Jenkins Going to Help?

Do the Vermont State Police have a suspect in mind already in the abduction and murder of beloved science teacher Melissa Jenkins? The small town of St. Johnsbury, Vt. (with less than 8,000 residents) is not use to this sort of thing happening in their quaint community. The Associated Press points out one other recent case (78-year-old Pat O’Hagan disappeared from neighboring Sheffield in September of 2010) which must be analyzed for any similarities to Melissa Jenkins.

The story we are provided with, regarding the unfortunate circumstances that led to Melissa Jenkins’ death, is that she was responding to an unknown individual whose car had broken down. Melissa was last seen at 8:30 PM Sunday evening. The same said friend was also the one to find her abandoned Suzuki Grand Vitari on Goss Hollow Road, there in St. Johnsbury. Who is this friend, and why is his or her name withheld from the press?

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This is one oddity to Melissa Jenkins’ case that sticks out like a sore thumb! Another one, is was the call about a broken down vehicle a ruse to lure Melissa to an isolated area in order to do something bad to her? And do the cops know the identity of this distressed driver? Obviously (we want to know), is this individual (who makes the phony call) in fact, the killer? Again, we wonder if Melissa knew the perpetrator? We suspect she did.

As often happens in these sort of cases, Melissa Jenkins is characterized in the news as very good person, a gifted teacher of science, beloved by her community, and a loving mother of a two-year-old boy (Tie). Moreover, no obvious enemies of Melissa have been mentioned in the press either. Not that we believe this angle could have been fully explored yet, but nothing obvious has struck anyone who knows her well, I might interject.

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Observant pun-dents of crimenews have waxed with the brilliant observation that the predator left the baby boy Tie untouched, who was still in the SUV when an unknown friend found the empty vehicle. Therefore, a vendetta specifically against Melissa is hinted at. It would appear as if these amateur sleuths are on solid ground with this call. One question I have, is exactly how far away is the location where the body was found from where the SUV rested, after an apparent violent struggle went down?

Where and when did Melissa come in contact with her killer? Did she know ’em intimately, or was it a more casual acquaintance, only recently established? Did she meet this person through her school, St. Johnsbury Academy, or maybe could it be through her part time job at the Creamery Restaurant in nearby Danville, Vermont? How did this person get a hold of her cell phone number? What’s the motive?

Why do good people always get blindsided first by the fickle hand of fortune? (You knew this question would crop up), Has a serial killer come to St. Johnsbury? Hopefully, this harebrained theory will be ruled out, yet Melissa has blonde hair, just like Holly Bobo or Karen Swift. Well, we best put this down. Curiosity killed the cat, and still this troubling possibility crosses our minds, as so many cases of missing or murdered woman have plagued authorities all across the country.

Melissa Jenkins Autopsy Reveals Vermont School Teacher Was Murdered