Juggling Slippery Balls of CONFUSION in the ‘Holly Bobo Abduction!’

“Sitting on a park bench – eyeing little girls with bad intent. Snot running down his nose – greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes. Drying in the cold sun – watching as the frilly panties run. Feeling like a dead duck – spitting out pieces of his broken luck.” Aqualung Jethro Tull

CONFUSION is a good word to describe the trickle of information leaking forth from the ‘Holly Bobo abduction case.’ Notice I didn’t say whether the information was verifiable facts or merely kinetic horsepower generated by a cruel rumor-mill.

Holly and Clint
Sister and brother, Holly and Clint Bobo.

As of Saturday, April 16th, I remember hearing that the TBI had ruled out the brother, Clint Bobo, as a suspect. Holly’s boyfriend (I didn’t hear his name mentioned) was eliminated also. But on April 19th the TDI said they are “not ruling out anyone.” This statement implies that the brother can be reinserted into the pool of those who require further questioning. That’s all I’ll say.

Another ball that requires some juggling is the blood evidence. The authorities have already processed the DNA sample of blood from the lab, so they probably have confirmed who it belongs to, unless it’s the blood of an anonymous abductor. The problem I’m having, is there seems to be two different sources of blood, spots in the garage and ‘flecks’ on the lawn.

If the abductor overtook Holly in the garage, then Clint must have been very close by when this occurred, assuming he was in the Bobo residence himself. Therefore, how could he have not noticed that this oddly dressed character was not the boyfriend? A witness, a neighbor, heard a shrill scream, so thus, why would Clint not be immediately alarmed, unless the scream came later on when Holly was driven into the dense woods, that engulfs the Bobo house.

The account for the alleged abduction is already a little odd. Furthermore, the flecks of blood on the lawn are evidence that violence had already taken place, possibly earlier in the garage. But did the blood trail continue further on into the woods, or did the trail stop on the lawn? It was raining quite a bit during those days (4/13-4/21), but common sense tells us the police could have traced these flecks right after they arrived on the scene (morning of April 13th).

lunch box creek
The white lunch box was found near this creek.

Another way of interpreting this ‘sore thumb’ is that the bogeyman carried the lunch box himself, then discarded it later on after the misdeed was over with. But why not confiscate it, so that a trace of Holly couldn’t be found? This would be a more logical scenario for this criminal. That way nothing could be traced back to Holly. This is what makes me suspect it was a plant.

If he was going to drop it anyway, why not drop it miles and miles back on the trail? Some criminals are disorganized and illogical, but the way this abduction is sketched in reported accounts, makes it look like the masterwork of the Lindbergh kidnapper. Anyway, the white lunch box evidence looks more like a plant to me. I could be wrong.

And now we are hearing about Heather Sullivan’s chilly story of an attempted kidnapping back in January. Heather lives 50 miles away from Holly in Hickman, County. Had she not timely dropped a glass top of a lamp she was holding, which scared a skinny man in a gray hooded jacket off, she may well have experienced a similar fate as Holly Bobo did.

The Heather Sullivan parallel is the strongest argument yet that the abductor story is for real. Maybe Heather could talk to Clint about the description of this man, and see if they could come to an agreement about his physical description. An example is, did Clint remember him as very skinny? Or was he bulkier, more muscular, possibly a bit obese? Some common ground would be found if the man was one and the same individual for both incidents.

Don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but why are the authorities hiding from the public the 911 call made by Clint? And I want to know, what is the time difference between the actual abduction and the 911 call? And another thing, did the brother see the man in camouflage behind the house, before or after he saw him ‘talking’ to his sister Holly? It makes a big difference.

kevin bromley
Kevin Bromley had so little information to divulge, when appearing on Nancy Grace, he might as well not have been the Bobo spokesperson.

The Bobos might as well not have had a spokesperson, if all he can say is: “I don’t know. Did you hear me, sister, I don’t know.” Pat Brown used the word EVASIVE to characterize developments (or lack of) in this case. This is a slight nuance of my earlier word application, confusion. Same difference? Both the TBI and the family are making a contribution to the notions (the context of their promulgations) of these two descriptive words.

The final point I want to make is I keep hearing people say that the perpetrator is a member of the community, one of them. He is familiar with the terrain, the backroads, and might even be an acquaintance of Holly’s. This is another way of saying it’s an inside job. A more logical explanation is it’s a random outsider, possibly a serial predator. Someone within the community would be easily detected.

Another one of those slippery balls (outsider or insider?) I’m trying to juggle. I keep dropping the ball when I apply logic to this baffling kidnapping. Sumpin aint right here. I’ll close with Whitney Duncan’s tweet, which is more salt on this wound I call confusion. “My cousin Clint, Holly’s brother, is NOT a suspect & I’m sick of people saying he is. He has been cleared for good reason. Shut up.” I will, but why was he cleared at first then added to the pool?