Jerry Leon Poe Shoots His Gun at a Woman After Wal-mart Runs Out of Stereos!

What came over Jerry Leon Poe, 62, when he fired his semi-automatic .40-caliber pistol out the window, apparently at a lady’s car ahead him? Well, I might add, we are told Jerry wanted her to get out of the way so he could hightail it to a Wal-Mart in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the location for an important part of the Manhattan Project in WWII. Yea, this was on Black Friday, you mighta figured that has something to do with Jerry Poe’s maniacal condition. Actually, the lady driver did try to get out of the way, yet Poe kept behind her; so no cigar for this limp explanation.

jerry poe

Jerry is 62 and his nerves became taxed to their limit; odd though, he decides to race to another Wal-Mart, setting himself up for a personal Freak Out. It was road rage that did him in, it will do it every time; he’s been around for a while, why didn’t he know he’d reached his limit? And what was he doing with two loaded guns in his car? He had a .22-caliber weapon also which, believe it or not, was in his pocket when he was arrested by Sgt. Michael Butcher of Maynardville. It was Sgt. Butcher’s wife who was stalked by an out-of-his-mind, belligerent Poe.

No sir (or madam), I don’t claim to understand his madness one single bit! Why bring loaded guns when you’re just going Christmas shopping? There’s something else happening here; did Jerry think he was going to war when trying to nab a blue-light special at his local Wal-Mart? Or did he possibly think that Wal-Mart itself is particularly hostile and requires extra firing power, in case a battle commences inside its aisles, that brim with discounted stock that needs to turn quickly.

Did Jerry Poe take a loaded gun into the first store, the Clinton store? This scenario should be explored. I don’t believe Wal-Mart has metal detectors, but I should mention, I never go there myself, so I can’t confirm this. I’m not taking this incident lightly, and I hope the Anderson County, TN authorities don’t take it lightly either. I hope Poe does some serious jail time for discharging one of his guns, while in traffic. Poe is charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. Insanity for no reason at all!

Poe went over the cliff and we still don’t know the real reason why. How badly did he want that stereo for his grandson? Enough to kill for it? Were there other things bothering Jerry, such as his job or perhaps his marriage? Has he ever been in trouble with the law before? Does he have a drinking problem, perhaps?

Were there any family issues on Thanksgiving Day that may have acted as a trigger to facilitate his cracking up? Does he shop at Wal-Mart frequently? Is his shopping experience a pleasant one or is it a tidbit negative? Does he always carry loaded pistols when he’s out and about? Scary to think a Jerry Poe look-a-like may be looming nearby when I’m stuck in traffic. I don’t want to get murdered when Christmas shopping over the holidays!

Source: USA Today