George Huguely V Portrayed as Pensive After Venting His Homicidal Rage!

I’ve never heard of someone dying from having their brain twisted? I do see the end result though, from a photo I developed of pall bearers carrying Yeardley Love‘s casket with flower garlands on the wooden top. Evidence of suffocation? Well, one thing is certain. Huguely left her on the bed to die and it took two hours for a healthy young woman to expire. George could have called 911, but failed to do so.

Instead, he returns to his apartment, which is right next door to Yeardley’s apartment (the proximity of the two apartments is something I just learned, and is figuring in my thinking, as I fathom reconstructions of the crime, derived from fresh news reports filtering out of the courtroom), demeanor considerably altered. Stares at a television set, as if he’s anticipating his own actions will flash on the news momentarily.

yeardley love casket
Yeardley Love casket

These are my own projections, of course, of a sudden 180 degree metamorphosis of mood, whereas belligerence and drunkenness is replaced by pensiveness and bewilderment, from what had just gone down. He just killed somebody and was still in denial. The change in mood was noticed by Ken Clausen. The occasion for the visit to Yeardley’s apartment came when Clausen and Carroll went out for a beer at a store at 11:40 PM, and left George alone.

yeardley love pic
Yeardley Love photo

They returned 20 minutes later and George Huguely V returned also shortly thereafter, lying about where he’d been. It didn’t take very long to do what he did. He even had time to throw Love’s computer in a nearby dumpster. I haven’t seen pix of the hole in the door, which he kicked in, but I need to, as do you. Forced entry doesn’t suggest a friendly chat was in store for the estranged college couple.

I’m not overlooking the details, I’m studying everything. Reading what the Washington Post has to say, ABC News, CBS, Huffington Post, just about everything; I need the minutia and I need the Big Picture as well. For the BP I turn to The Hook, which published a timeline of all the bad things Mr. Huguely has done in his short history. I will link this Hook timeline article for you, so you can see a pattern emerging of a spoiled brat of a drunken jock, who thought he was above the body of laws and ethics that bind all the rest of us.

Did George simply shake her once, albeit forcefully? It doesn’t look that way. George repeatedly beat her to a pulp. She died of blunt force trauma, not suffocation. How could her brain have been twisted around? I sure don’t know, but I suspect he repeatedly slammed her against the wall with such force that her head got twisted about. *(I don’t care to think about this anymore than you do, but if the prosecution is going to get 1st degree, we have to delineate some reasonable simulations).

Yeardley Love brain
Yeardley Love brain

Was George in a blackout when he did this? He drank at least 20 alcoholic beverages that day. Was he in control of his thoughts or emotions (especially green jealousy)? Of course not! But he still was consciously operating. (The argument goes), he chose to take those drinks. Graduation day was approaching, and he must have thought the world was about to end. The way he dealt with it, was to keep on drinking. Drinking until he finally turns into a monster!

Well, you see what I mean. He did just that, he turned into a monster. Bear with me for one last fantasy before you return to your cold, hard, factual news. When he returned to his apartment, and when talking to Ken Clausen, a transformation had taken place. Think of Lon Chaney as WolfMan changing back into a man, hair and claws retreating back into their hiding place. Now look at a well-dressed Huguely, thin and dapper, hair cut and in order. What’s the difference?

Countdown to death: An action timeline of George Huguely V | The Hook – Charlottesville’s weekly newspaper, news magazine