Work Hard Or Work Smart?

We, a people of a free nation seem to struggle with our position, in the world, given to us by chance or through Divine influence from the creator of mankind. The Declaration of Independence supported by the Constitution illustrates our view that all men must be considered equal.

How come he has more stuff than I have stuff?

But when we realize that some are more intelligent than others and are born into better conditions, that is when we seem to override the standards of Freedom and declare socialism is the answer to survival. When only in America a millionaire seems to happen daily.

I have heard lately from many people who are struggling through life, that equality just doesn’t exist. If equality really existed then everyone would have a little piece of the pie.

I know some rich ($) men who want the whole pie. Did you ever think about money when you have finished a remarkable job or helped a person through difficult times or help a child retrieve a cat from a tree?

It is clear to me that the creator of this world and of mankind never intended equality, as some think of equality. Equality is not and never will mean every person is the same with equal intelligences, physically skills, or virtues.

The governments of the world cannot change equality to mean we are the same and deserve the same God given intelligence, physically skill, or virtues or blessings nor in some cases, a silver spoon.

Even Carl Marx made the statement, “we all need to share” in other words sharing is caring. The current economic s of our government has at its basic core the idea to redistribute the wealth of this nation, so that the population will fulfill its purpose, to make men equal.

Equality is not based upon worldly goods nor is it brain matter, or physical attributes…

The value of a good man.

It is based upon value; not money value nor intelligence (IQ) but to God each and every person is of great value. Now I know this is hard to swallow for some people especially the atheists and for some who are agnostic but there is a God and he knows every person who now lives on this earth or ever lived upon this earth.

When I was in business I looked for good honest men to become members of my organization or business. The value of honest men is, much more than how much money one might make, or how much business he can acquire.

When an employee leaves the office and into the business world I didn’t want to find out he was golfing with his buddies. If he was golfing it was with a client or future client.

Integrity and honesty are values one can’t hang a dollar upon. Men who make millions playing sports don’t set a proper example when they hold out for more money when their contracts have not been fulfilled.

Some of our government workers are now spending tax dollars on pornography. This certainly not the quality of men I would want to associate with in business or play golf with any day.

We make choices every day.

We are free people to exercise our agency every day. We can be honest, worthy employees or bosses or we can take a lower road and see where it takes us. Our society has forgotten how it began. The old stories about neighbors when their barn burns down, and the whole neighborhood or community showed up to help rebuild the barn.

If we are a true nation of upstanding people or Christians why have we forgotten? If we were truly good people or Christians we would share with all and not require our government to take our taxes and help those who have no desire to help themselves.

There is a law irrevocably decreed before the foundation of the earth upon which all blessing are predicated and when we receive any blessing from God it is by strict obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

Now this law of which I speak is the law of God. Which law states for man to be obedient to the law which one must know and live before they receive their reward (blessing) for living God’s law?

Man has received written truths and to prosper in any profession. Men need to learn and obey the law before the reward or blessing which requires of the recipient strict obedience.

Hard work, and long lasting diligence may reward a person but obedience to God’s laws seems to be the perfect solution to make men worthy of any blessing..

Work hard or work smart?

Hard work sometimes requires no obedience to its law but we must know first the law required before we seek the reward through our obedience and hard work…

Maybe God just requires love from his people and love for one another before a person receives the blessing or reward. It is imperative we as a free people need to protect our freedoms. It is also our duty to help the poor and indigent souls who can’t seem to get ahead.

Government enables people to continue in their ways of the dole, or something for nothing. If we continue this way it won’t be long before there will be more people on welfare than those who work for a living.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.