The Love Between A Woman And Her Pickup Truck

Consumer Reports stated that there is a new trend in automobile purchasing. More women and families are purchasing a pickup truck for practical reasons.

The New York Times states that the reason for this trend is that trucks today are much more comfortable, safe, and have more space and luxury features than in the past.

In fact, many people are flocking to purchase luxury trucks today over luxury cars.

nissan pickup truck. Image by Tordinator from Pixabay
Nissan Pickup Truck. Image by Tordinator from Pixabay

For Some, It’s All About The Kids

Today, a woman can buy a full size pickup that will have plenty of room in the crew cab for the kids because:

  • The truck will have an entertainment system.
  • It will be safer and sit higher on the road than a minivan. When one sits higher up on the road, it allows for more visibility and thus greater safety.
  • They are more comfortable. Trucks today do not have such stiff, jarring rides as was true in the past.
  • More storage: Women who put a camper shell over the bed have plenty of room for groceries, Little League or AYSO paraphernalia, or bicycles.

For Others, It’s About Easy Transport And Safety

Single women are also buying trucks because:

  • The allow for easy transport, with room even for kayaks and home improvement material.
  • They’re a housing alternative; they make great and safe “tent” when camping.
  • They make people feel safe.When the pickup truck has a camper shell women, in particular, feel safer with those hard sides protecting them while they sleep.

Some women have even converted cargo trailers into campers, a big trend on YouTube, and pull their converted camper with their pickup truck.

Expressing Your Own Style

Unlike other types of vehicles, trucks need to be customized with some accessories in order to be fully useful.

One of the first questions a new truck asks herself is if she needs a camper shell. People who live in snow country often spring for the shell because it is no fun to have to remove the snow that has fallen into one’s truck bed and is blanketing the cargo.

Useful Additions to a New Pickup Truck

Some really great accessories for a new truck owner include seat covers, trailer hitch kits, trailer light connectors, ratcheting and tie-down straps, steps that help one get up into the truck bed, and even window visors one can place seamlessly into the windows to keep the rain out but allow the summer breezes in.

Also, since truck beds tend to be often too large for the cargo being carried, many people consider aftermarket parts and accessories designed to tame the cargo in the back of their truck bed. For people not yet ready to spring for a camper shell, tonneau covers can be a less expensive way to protect their truck bed cargo from the rain. Bed mats or protectors can help keep cargo and truck beds scratch-free. Some people also consider performance parts for their trucks.

Choosing Aftermarket Parts

JC Whitney is the oldest aftermarket auto parts company in the United States. Aftermarket means products one buys for their vehicle after they purchase it from the dealer. J.C. Whitney has been serving the needs of customers of aftermarket parts for over 100 years.

They have over a million aftermarket parts and accessories that help truck and automobile owners repair or upgrade their vehicle and have both a catalog and a web site that offers a huge and innovative selection of aftermarket auto parts, including performance auto parts.

The J.C. Whitney truck catalog is and incredible go-to place for truck aftermarket parts and accessories. It has many great ways to accessorize pickup trucks to work for their owner’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Nissan has a great range and other amazing nissan vehicles are covered here.

nissan engine 2019
Nissan engine 2019. photo c/o Nissan.
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