Will Says….Sarah Palin Better Hurry for 2012 Presidential Race

Well now, Sarah Palin has travelled to India and Israel, which now opens the gate for everyday people getting involved in places that everyday folks don’t belong.

Now, I am all for folks that have recognition getting in, getting some attention and getting their hands dirty. However, I would not send a famous bowler into a country like Brazil to talk about soccer. That bowler might try to convince those Brazilians that they need a heavier ball to really make some damage.

I guess I could use the old adage of the bull in the china shop… In this case. If you see a bull and it’s trying to sell you a line of fine dinnerware, RUN, lock the doors and don’t let ‘um in.


For the same reason, would you allow a momma grizzly to have a picnic with your family? I am not sure that would be a wise idea. If you do think that’s a good idea, go to the rodeo.

Of course, I am a cowboy that works for the circus, not something normally matched together. It seems to work. As a matter of fact, I have seen quite a few animals do some amazing tricks. Tricks that even the smartest humans can’t do.

So, a mamma grizzly that has a few tricks up her sleeve – fur, totally possible, but at some point you have to ask yourself, do political figures from other countries talking to our everyday people really serve a purpose? Or just enable that grizzly able to do more tricks?

Ok, so this cowboy is beating around the bush, and of course I am trying to find a kind way of telling Mrs. Palin that trips to the hospital don’t make me a doctor. A visit to a home depot don’t make me a carpenter and trips to foreign countries only teach me a few things: how to say “hello,” “goodbye” and, “can you help me, I am a tourist.” The last one normally needs not even be said; it’s pretty obvious.

Not that I don’t think you should not visit foreign countries, I do, as a vacationer, not the EX-Governor of a state. Especially if you quit your job. Not sure that sends the right message about our working class here in America.

Here’s my plan: Mrs. Palin, if you truly want to be seen as worldly, travel the world, here’s how: You like those reality shows, I saw a few episodes of your own. Join the amazing race, you and Todd; heck, bring the kids. They go everywhere! Tell them you want the Middle East countries. Spend a good hunk of time running around there lost. (why not; our Government does it all the time?) Get to know the people, and the hotspots… Worldly and popular all in one.

And you’d better hurry if the 2012 Presidential race is the next race on your list.

Your friend,


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