Will Says…Politicians Seem to Disappear After Election

Ok, so let’s say you’re a guy and you get a ‘Dear John’ letter. Now, you know what that means? It means the letter says how great you are, but she does not want to see any more of you; OR she wants to be just friends. You know the kinda friend you bump into once in a blue moon. Well, this happened to the Speaker of the House today. Only his Dear John letter said: Dear John, would love to see more of you! See, seems CSpan want to send in more cameras to cover John Boehner and the gang on the hill in their every day life situations.

Now, here’s the rub… Mr. Boehner is the one giving the cold shoulder. He does not want anything to do with CSPAN. He seems to think that their relationship is fine the way it is.

See, C-Span wants to capture wide shots of the Chamber and also to catch lawmakers’ reactions while their colleagues are on the floor or selling their goods (that’s where the real political theater lives). ‘Cause that is all they do in there; sell to each other. Like snake oil salesmen, they just try to charm each other into believing that whatever they are selling is what they need to have.


The way it stands now… “C-SPAN is limited to static shots that are controlled by Congress.”

Now, mind you, back in 2010, Mr Boehner wrote CSPAN a little letter calling for greater television access to debate over President Obama’s health care legislation.

“Every issue of national import should be debated by the people’s elected representatives in full public view.”

Now with the tables turned and Mr. Boehner is sitting at the head of the table. He wants to make sure the American public are looking at the hands on top of the table and not below where all the real deals are made.

Funny thing about politicians; they will spend all day defending the eyes of justice. As long as they are blind when looking in their direction.

Politicians are always looking to get voters’ attention, but only during an election year. Any other time they would rather not see or hear from them.

I have always said, if politician want voters’ attention, they would open FOX cameras to the Chambers. Call it what it is, a reality show. Tonight on FOX: Democrats & Republicans live in one House! Now watch them battle for control. If they did that, boy, folks would watch them day and night.

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