Will Says…Obama May Hit The Poll Again as America’s Favorite Candidate

Boy, this race for 2012 is starting to pick up speed. At the same time, so is President Obama. Polls show that he is going to be a tough ticket to beat. Now, I don’t know if that is because folks or the media think he is doing a good job…finally, as one of my Republican friends said the other night and then followed it up with, thanks to Speaker Boehner and the Republicans.

If you folks have your abacuses near and you have been keeping count of the Republicans’ first two years under Obama and now the two years we are in right now; then please let me know if you see something I don’t. ‘Cause I don’t see much more action from Republicans in this start of the last two years of Obama’s four year term than I did in the previous two years. Mainly ’cause I think folks define action as making something happen, and not just talking about what CAN happen if you vote them in.

So, now pollsters and pundits and the people seem to see something in our President that makes him the candidate of choice for 2012.


Of course, things could change at the drop of a hat as they do in politics. All it takes is a good scandal or a good sound bite of an episode where someone from the opposite party catches our President in a little white lie; hmmm bad choice of words.

So don’t be surprised in the next year if something surfaces that incriminates a Democrat. Incrimination is the life blood of a good campaign.

Of course, having a good candidate is an essential part of a good campaign and Republicans have started to surface some their possible 2012 runners but as of right now they are just walking slowly.

All the possible candidates I have seen, Romney, Palin, Huckabee, … They all seem to lack the fire and conviction they normally have for a Presidential race. Again, maybe confidence is the key component lacking in this field of runners.

I predict another trend in this race: old candidates. I think the final field will be older. Why not, after all, if they know they don’t stand a chance then the younger Republicans can stand in the (Right) wing and wait until 2015 and run on better odds?

This just might be the race of the old guy… Candidates like Gingrich, Paul, heck maybe they should pull McCain out for one last spin. Throw caution to the wind; why not if you have nothing to lose or more important, nothing to WIN?

On a bolder note: Governor Christie of New York has been touting the fact that he will not run in 2012, but if he did he is sure he would win. I say to you sir, confidence like that is only reserved for those who actually run the race, not those who stand on the sidelines and watch. You can’t tell us you have an amazing track record and then you don’t set foot on the track. Even a prize fighter has to walk the walk after he talks the talk. So, it’s all in, or give the PR to the real contenders.

Your Friend,


I want to add a little extra at the end here… I didn’t put it in the beginning because it would have definitely changed the mood of my comments and I will let the politicians be in control of the mood of the 2012 race.

This last Friday, my father passed away. It was not sudden; it was not much of a surprise but it is not something that anyone wants to have happen. He was not my real father, but for the past thirty six years my mother called him her husband, so I felt it right to call him Dad. I spent most of my childhood with him influencing my life and how and what I know today was a direct effect of how he fathered me. Sometimes good, sometimes bad…in my opinion ;). He had a great logical mind and could fix or repair anything. He was to me the original MacIver. I remember countless times in his workshop watching him make or fix things. He inspired my mind to think the same way he did when I was staring at a problem. I can’t tell you have many things I ripped apart to either fix or just to see how they work. He would always tell me, “Son it’s Ok to take things apart, as long as you put them back together.” Well dad, I got real good at taking things apart and putting them back together; I only wish you were around to tell me what I am supposed to do with all the extra parts left over. I love you Dad; rest in peace.

Your son Will

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