Will Roberts Reports from McCain Camp

Will Roberts – Phoenix, Az

Well most Americans have been waiting for 2 years for this night, the longest night of the last two years. When this night is over many Americans will sleep like a baby and others will toss and turn. As I type this report I let out a yawn and I am caught by a fellow video reporter yawning and hoping I will be one of the folks that gets to sleep tonight. You might just see me on nationwide TV yawning, I think they he was with CNN.

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Anyhow, as I write this I am looking at results that say that Obama is at 199 and Mc Cain 125. Right now we are just sort of piddling around and the energy here at the Frank Lloyd Wright ballroom is one of suspended animation and anytime you can get a Republican to be animated, you have made a step forward. I just got word from my Obama Arizona election office and they say that they close to passing out from the suspense as the numbers rise.

Keep your dials tuned here for the latest results here on the ground.



Folks here is a link to an audio interview here at the Mc Cain and Palin event here in Phoenix, Az


Will Roberts
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