Will Next Year Be Any Better Than 2011?

We come to the close of another year. It has been tough; will next year be any better?

This has been some type of year 2011. Earthquakes, severe storms causing floods in several states, fires across Arizona and New Mexico, tornado’s in several states leaving havoc behind and dust storms rising 2 miles into the sky and it ain’t over yet. The weather service said this is the worse outbreak in tornados and storms since 1913. Now look at the world scene and it evens get worse.

Japan has suffered a 9.0 earth quake and tsunamis flooding inland on the island. Australia has been dealing with flooding, the worst flood in their history. A hurricane hit the east coast and created great problems. Flooding destroying homes and buildings, caused by torrential rain part of the hurricane havoc.

Earthquakes in Japan, China, Chili, Pakistan, Argentina, Alaska – Aleutian Island, and these were over 6.8 on the Richter’s scale. Earth quakes for 2011 in the world rest now at 2164 for 2010 there were 2136; the average for eight previous years is 1970. The year 2007 quakes total of 2270 had more than this year’s totaled. The past five years averages more than 2200 quakes per year much higher than the previous eight year’s average of 1970. Looking forward to 2012 yet?

Besides the wars raging on the earth how does this make us feel? People out of work and the economy in the dumps, the nation’s debt out of control and congress and the President blaming everyone but themselves. What keeps the boat a float? I don’t know but it can’t last much longer but it just might get much worse.

I know them, “crazy birds or end of the world self proclaimed prophets” are shouting the end of the world. I don’t think it is yet. I do believe He who created everything, including man, is speaking as predicted in the scriptures. He is saying better get it together before it is to late because when I come, if you don’t change, it ain’t going to be nice.

Already this year we have past the number of tornados in the USA for the past three years; we have had 1836 tornadoes in 2011 compared to the past three years of a total of 1376. Averaging this out it looks like this. Each of the past three years has had an average of 459 tornados per year.

This year and it’s not over, we have had as of November 26, 1836 tornados. That is a 75% increase in tornados in this year alone. Six of those tornados had a F5 wind factor meaning winds of over 200 mph. One of those hit Joplin Missouri and destroyed 60% of the town.

This is not to scare anyone just a warning. Things will get worse before they get better. Then when it starts to get better and we go back to the old ways, is when He comes, when we least expect it. This people who have this great nation are squandering their inheritance on stupidity, pride, vanity, lust, and are gambling with their eternity.

This is and has been the warning from days of old. He will return and when it happens it will be when we are ripe in iniquity. Life will be drink now, have fun, party, and live it up, because tomorrow we die. The streets will be dangerous and people won’t want to go out at night. Death will be everywhere and blood will be spilt and lives taken for no reason except hate drugs and anger.

Rape, pillage and wrongful deaths will be ubiquitous and gangs will roam from city to city, stealing and pillaging from the weak and innocent. This is where we are headed and God forgive us for blowing the greatest opportunity of any nation ever conceived, has had on this earth.

We have the chance and we have the ability but we let pride, greed, anger, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony of drugs and alcohol over take our will. For this to happen will be a great sin our nation and its people must answer to Him who gave us this chance.

God Have Mercy if we don’t wake up….

No one can harm the man who does himself no harm.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.