Will America Survive Obama’s Reign of Terror?

There’s A Major Storm A’brewin…

Five major economic entities have commented on the US future under Obama’s reign. It ranges from quite bad, to “close the door, because we’re about to get hit with a ‘tsunamic’ wave of epic proportions.”

America Gone Wild

1) Blaise Ingoglia [Special Interests…EXPOSED!!! – YouTube] covered governmental ‘special interests’. The link shows several very scary things. In just the last decade, private employees have increased 1%, but governmental employees-15%. As he says, “We are now out of the era of big government, and into the era of enormous government.”

When the recession started in 2009, the DoD’s 1,068 employees made $150,000/yr. Now it’s 10,100 employees. Federal employees making >$100,000/yr doubled in <2 years.Ingoglia realizes 16% of voting electorate works for government. If you add someone working close (e.g., a spouse), you get 32% of America not voting for anyone talking about spending cuts. When that number hits 50%, he says it's 'game over'. Private citizens will be the permanent minority, and government employees will have control.[caption id="attachment_314" align="aligncenter" width="990" alt="Funnel Cloud Minnesota"]Funnel Cloud MinnesotaNorthfield, Minnesota[/caption]

Born in a bruising supercell, a funnel cloud looms beyond a cornfield.

Photograph by Mitch Dobrowner


2) Glenn Beck (9/12/12) announced his “The Blaze” association, along with a very efficient research staff unearthing facts.

Beck’s video about FDR/Obama [Glen Beck – Ob@ma, FDR and Regulations – YouTube], discusses FDR establishing 35 new agencies. Each with 10 new regulations, and each regulation with new laws. With Obamacare, there was 135 new regulations, each with 10 new laws.

Entrepreneur Of The Century

3) Porter Stansbury stated Obama’s implementing terrifying socialist policies. He’s certain Obama, or his proxy, will be re-elected for a third term. He believes Obama will greatly increase inflation, seize control of all 401K Retirement Plans, implement new taxes, expand welfare by record amounts (buying votes), and changing foreign policy to partnerships with dictators and socialists.

He’s certain the upcoming oil boom will result in a huge creation of wealth. Goldman Sachs claims US will be the leading world’s oil producer by 2017, with production of 10.9 million barrels/day. Obama will take America’s natural resources, and change it into a modern ‘petro-socialist’ state.

He believes Obama will launch multiple social programs, and cause the largest expansion of the welfare state in the country’s history. He’ll launch new federal departments, enrich thousands of backers, and impoverish his enemies. Today, our government owes more money to more people in the world. The Fed is printing $85 billion is printed each month (>$1 trillion a year).

Advisor To Margaret Thatcher

4) Christopher Monckton worked for Yorkshire Post, “The Universe, Telegraph, and Evening Standard. He sees China prepping for America’s final demise. The Left’s skepticism has led America into bankruptcy.

The national debt is >$17 trillion, and amounts to $150,000/taxpayer. To cover its annual deficit, it’s printing $1 trillion/yr of currency with no backing. China making startling progress with replacing the dollar with the ‘yuan’, as the world’s currency standard.

Leader “Investor’s Insight”

5) Gary Halbert: Consistently woeful economic news the expiration of Bush’s tax cuts-or the largest tax increase in history. The phase-out of itemized deductions will lift the upper tax rate to 40.8%. Since Obamacare has passed, add 3.8% healthcare tax, putting the top rate at 44.6%.

Increased taxes on the “rich” won’t make a big dent in the deficits. Per National Employment Report, small businesses have reduced employment by 20,000 jobs every month. CommerceDept/Census Bureau reports “Seven of ten new small businesses last at least two years, and about half survive five years.”

The top 50% of taxpayers pay over 97% of all income taxes. Their “fair share”? A loss of 6.7 million workers that disappeared, represents a huge elimination of productivity in the economy.

Common Threads Emerge

-unemployment and deficit rate will escalate upward

– Obama’s spending will continue to increase, and tax rates will rise

-the reduction of small businesses will increase

-instead of a big government, we will have an enormous government

-soon Americans will have little say in America’s future

-all surplus oil will change America into a ‘petro-socialist’ state

– fraud likely accounted for ’08 and ’12 presidential wins [Jury: Fraud put Obama on ’08 ballot]

Even though Halbert seems to have the most probable outcome, there are some positive results which could be possible. Conservatives win the Senate and House in 2014. A conservative is elected in 2016. Obama is impeached because of Benghazi, and other ‘SNAFUs’. America realizes fraud took place, and final use of the Consent Decree and voter fraud has been eliminated for the last 30 years.

Somehow, America will find a way to survive Obama’s reign of terror.