Photos Leaked: Philips W8510 Quad Core Mobile Phone

Since the announcement of Philips’ first quad core Xenium W8510 mobile phone last week, sample photos have been leaked. The phone is likely to be a big hit, not only for its breakthrough standby technology, but also for its speed, and stunning looks.

The W8510 phone, slated to be released in June, stands a good chance of being called “King of the quad core stand-by mobile phones.”

The press release last week, Philips To Launch First Quad Core Mobile Phone, noted it is the first Philips mobile phone with a quad core processor.

Powering the sleek-looking unit is a 1.2GHz quad core processor, that retains Philips’ traditional Xenium battery performance. The quad core mobile phone market has fierce competition, but the W8510 is likely to be the standout phone, with its long stand-by time, envied by long-suffering Android users.

The sample photos show the metallic coating finish in a very sleek, stylish look. The W8510 has a 4.7″ HD brilliant display for sharp details, and a crystal-clear screen with a 180 degree view.

The photos show the W8510 has beautiful lines with an understated Philips logo showing. The smooth, crystal-clear screen is decorated by a light silver metal lining, with round metal buttons on the side. Unlike most smart phones, its camera with flash is embedded in the dark back-cover in seamless mosaic, and the speaker is placed at the bottom of the back cover.

Although the standby time is being kept under wraps for now, it is expected to deliver the longest stand-by hours for a smart phone. The anticipation will build until details are released.

philips W8510 quadcore phone back
The sleek quad core Philips Xenium W8510, with breakthrough standby technology, is slated to be released in June.

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