Why Osama Bin Laden Was Wrong

One of the big problems with people like Osama Bin Laden, is that they have the false belief that anything The United States government does is the will of the American people, and that if the American people don’t like it, they can stop the U.S. government, or just vote them out, and that therefore U.S. citizens should be held responsible for the crimes of their government. That is a wrong, and unfair notion.

For one, even in the best democracy, 49 percent of the population may disagree with their government and have no say. Secondly, when was the last time an American citizen got to vote on whether or not to invade a country, or send weapons to a nation’s enemy?


We don’t get that vote. And thirdly, most Americans either aren’t given full transparency of their government, or some may be too bored or ignorant to learn or care. And yet lastly, even when polls show that the vast majority of the American public are against an action such as invading a country, if those in power in government want it, it often still happens.

So for people like Bin Laden to declare all U.S. citizens guilty of the same actions of the U.S. government is just wrong. We American citizens are no guiltier of actions of the U.S. government than is every Muslim for the actions of killing innocent civilians.