Why Not Connect Mickey Shunick’s Case to Other Missing Petite Blondes?

To my surprise, I saw Mickey Shunick flyers on telephone poles yesterday as I walked over to my daily lunch-stop at Whole Foods Market. The presence of these flyers in Austin made me realize just how far-reaching efforts are to find the missing blonde coed from Lafayette, Louisiana. This morning I made attempts to synthesize what new clues we have with what I already had learned (from previous scrutiny). The find of Mickey’s damaged Schwinn bike in Whiskey Bay is the biggest yet!

ms white truck

A latest development is the elimination of 2 of 3 vehicles seen in a crucial slab of grainy surveillance footage from a 5/19,1:48 AM pertinent clip (Mickey is positively identified here), projected from the corner of St Landry Street and Versailles Boulevard. I assume, the police have interviewed these two drivers, and have cleared them of any involvement. However, the other quizzical white truck driver has yet to be found.

The image is not too clear, but we know it’s a newer four-door, white Chevrolet Z 71 pickup truck, which was driving in the same direction as Mickey was on her bike. To reduce the set of possibilities a little further, the windows appear to be tinted. It won’t be easy to find this truck and this suspicious guy, but it’s doable. Is this the same man and truck that Tasha Patterson had a harrowing encounter with?

ms bill warner chart

One has to think about the damage done to the bike and whether this perpetrator had rammed into Mickey on purpose! We know now this man had to go to a lot of trouble to deposit her bike in the Whiskey Bay, as he did. Could he have banged the wheel up a little more in order to make it look like a hit and run cover-up? I believe his real motive was abduction, but possibly, purposely hit her as a means to abduction.

We hear also of some tire tracks (these are very good clues) near the river and bridge, which is right by the I-10 Interstate, which in turn is likely his getaway route, eastwardly on I-10. I don’t really favor the accident theory, but rather prefer that this crazy man purposely hit her in order to ease his opportunity to abduct her. It’s hard to say this on paper, but I sense many others are thinking the exact same thought, as dark as it is.

As far as connecting Mickey’s case to other unsolved cases of missing girls goes, I think the best source for some significant tie-ins is being generated by a private investigator out of Sarasota, Florida, Bill Warner. Bill has appeared recently on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s HLN talk show, and as far as I can tell, has made perfect sense. I-10 is the key, and a traveling construction worker (who doesn’t have to account for his time to anyone) is crucial here too.

While investigators are taking another look at eerie similarities between Mickey Shunick and Lauren Spierer’s, I’d like to see them expand their search for a connection to other cases, such as Holly Bobo, Katelyn Markham, Kelli Bordeaux, or how about Heather Hodges? Why just focus on Lauren Spierer? Whoever did this to Mickey, is a chronic repeat offender. Is he a serial predator that roams from town to town, stalking petite blondes? I’m beginning to believe it.

I’ll further theorize, by the time he gets to Mickey, he is seasoned and polished at what he does. He has done it countless times before. With Katelyn Markham there were no clues left behind. With Heather Hodges, nothing. Little with Holly, but a few more. With Kelli, he frames a transient. Paige Johnson, a boyfriend gets pegged. Karen Swift’s is crazy! The husband is scrambling. On and on. These cases are connected, I’m convinced, as hard as this is to fathom.

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